Top Picnic Spots Near Vadodara for Relaxing Outings

picnic spots near vadodara

Imagine a weekend away from city noise, where you’re surrounded by the calm of nature. A short drive from Vadodara is all it takes to reach family-friendly picnic locations. These spots offer lush gardens and peaceful lakes, perfect for those wanting a simple but joyful escape. Think about spending your day under a huge tree or exploring nature trails, with stunning views around every corner.

These popular picnic areas offer more than just outdoor space; they enhance your leisure time. While kids play and friends enjoy the open fields, you’ll feel connected to other families there. Vadodara’s picnic spots turn every moment into cherished memories.

Introduction to Vadodara’s Picnic Havens

Vadodara, in the heart of Gujarat, is alive with culture and beautiful sights. It invites families, friends, and sweethearts to enjoy picnic spots near Vadodara. These places offer a mix of calm and adventure, away from the busy city.

Those looking for the best picnic spots Vadodara will find peace in its gardens and lakes. Every corner is quiet and great for families. If you love trees or the sound of water, you’ll find no place better.

This guide shows you top sites praised and visited often:

Spot Name Attraction Highlights Activities
1. Sursagar Lake Affords a panoramic view, especially at night when the lake and its iconic Shiva statue are aglow with lights. Boating, leisure walks, street food sampling.
2. Sayaji Garden One of the largest gardens in Western India, hosting a zoo, planetarium, and museum. Learning excursions, picnicking amid flora, children’s play area.
3. Ajwa Nirwana Park Musical fountain show and a reprieve from the ordinary with its colorful floral displays. Photography, strolling, and relaxation.
4. Vadhvana Wetland & Eco Campsite Bird-watching haven, known for its biodiversity and migratory bird influx. Nature walks, bird-watching, educational tours.
5. Nimeta Garden Captivating landscapes with a mix of modernity and nature’s charm. Family gatherings, playground activities, water fountain enjoyment.

These spots offer more than views; they’re where memories are made. Imagine storytelling under ancient trees or tasting local snacks for the first time. Vadodara’s picnic places are gems in India’s culture and nature. So, gather your picnic basket and get ready for relaxing days under the open sky.

Discover the Charm of Anand – A Rustic Getaway

A stone’s throw away from Vadodara is the charming town of Anand. It’s famously known as the Milk Capital of India. Anand isn’t just about its dairy history. It has some top best picnic spots Vadodara folks and visitors love. These spots are perfect for a peaceful getaway from city noise. They are ideal family-friendly picnic spots.

Exploring the ‘Milk Capital of India’

In the heart of Anand, its title as Milk Capital of India is clear. With Amul Dairy, this town shows how the white revolution changed India. Dairy farms welcome families to enjoy green fields and taste fresh dairy products. The picnic spots near Vadodara add to Anand’s appeal, mixing leisure with dairy culture.

Archaeological Monuments and Green Escapes

Anand’s heritage is rich with archaeological monuments. Historic sites like Bharuch Fort and Jama Masjid are gateways to the past. These places, set in green escapes, offer both relaxation and a glimpse into history.

Archaeological Monument Distance from Anand Unique Attraction
Bharuch Fort Approx. 80 km Historical ramparts overlooking the river
Jama Masjid Within Anand Intricately carved architecture and design

Anand’s green escapes are breathtaking. The air feels fresher, and the grass looks greener here. They are perfect for picnics, gatherings, or quiet time alone. With varied outdoor spots, Anand has some of the best picnic spots Vadodara has for a calm experience.

Zarwani Waterfall – Nature’s Spectacular Display

For those looking for family-friendly picnic spots by Vadodara, Zarwani Waterfall is a gem. It’s considered one of the best picnic spots Vadodara can offer. This beautiful place gives visitors a peaceful setting surrounded by greenery. It’s in the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. This spot is an amazing example of nature’s spectacular display. Nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts love it.

Getting to Zarwani Waterfall is an adventure on its own. A refreshing trek through the sanctuary’s vibrant life leads you there. This trek makes Zarwani Waterfall a perfect getaway among the picnic spots near Vadodara.

Experience the soothing cascade of Zarwani Waterfall, where water rhythmically dances over rocks, providing a tranquil soundscape for your picnic moments.

Here are some activities that make Zarwani Waterfall stand out:

  • Trekking through lush trails
  • Safari rides to discover the sanctuary’s wildlife
  • Relaxing picnics amidst exotic flora and fauna
  • Nature trail walks for a gentle exploration experience

Come explore Zarwani Waterfall with us. It’s one of the picnic spots near Vadodara where you find both excitement and tranquility. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to be close to nature.

Picnic Spots Near Vadodara: Embracing the Wild at Jambughoda

Head to Jambughoda’s forested retreat for a special picnic, just a quick trip from Vadodara. This wildlife sanctuary invites families and groups to discover its beauty. Jambughoda stands out as a top picnic spot Vadodara offers, with its rich past and appealing adventure and wildlife spotting.

family-friendly picnic spots in Jambughoda

Adventure and Wildlife Spotting

Jambughoda is perfect for wildlife lovers. It’s home to leopards, jackals, various birds, wild boars, and sometimes sloth bears. These encounters make visiting this family-friendly picnic spot unforgettable, blending learning with fun.

Forest Safaris and Trekking Experience

If you love trekking or calm forest safaris, Jambughoda is a dream. Navigating its greenery or joining a guided trek shows why it’s among the best picnic spots Vadodara loves. These adventures connect you deeply with nature.

Activity Details Timings Suitable for
Wildlife Spotting Guided tours for animal sightings Morning and Evening Wildlife enthusiasts
Forest Safaris Open-jeep safaris across the sanctuary Throughout the day Adventure seekers
Trekking Trails Marked trails for various difficulty levels Daytime preferred Trekking novices and experts

Discovering Jambughoda offers more than just fun. It’s a journey into the wild, an encounter with secretive forest creatures. It’s known as a picnic spot near Vadodara that wins the hearts of everyone who visits.

Dakor – A Spiritual Retreat Mixed with Historical Exploration

Exploring Dakor offers a unique experience for those seeking picnic spots near Vadodara. This city in Gujarat blends spiritual retreat and historical exploration beautifully. It is perfect for families looking for cultural sights and peaceful places.

The highlight of Dakor is the Shree Ranchhodraiji Temple. It’s a place where devotion to Lord Krishna is evident. The temple’s architecture and history make it among the best picnic spots Vadodara has nearby. Visitors are drawn to its spiritual significance and stunning design.

Visiting the temple is special; afterwards, families can enjoy a picnic. They can choose the temple grounds or the nearby Gomti River for a peaceful spot. These places are great for relaxing, eating together, and having deep talks.

“Dakor lets you experience a confluence of divine energy and historical grandeur, making it much more than a picnic destination; it’s a journey through times of myth and faith.”

But Dakor has more to explore beyond the temple. The area around is filled with tranquil spots and historical sites. It’s ideal for those who love calm environments or want to learn about history. Discovering Dakor’s quiet charm is like traveling back in time.

  • Shree Ranchhodraiji Temple Grounds
  • Gomti River Banks
  • Local historical sites and hidden gems

In Dakor, different elements like chants, the flowing Gomti, and ancient stones add to its unique vibe. Consider Dakor for your next outing. It’s not only a top picnic spot for Vadodara folks but a place where history and tranquility meet.

Adventurous Outing at Ajwa Fun World and S Cube Water Park

Are you looking for fun near Vadodara? Ajwa Fun World and S Cube Water Park are perfect. These parks rank as the best picnic spots Vadodara boasts. With exciting water rides, they offer an unforgettable day for all ages.

Water Rides and Family Entertainment

Ajwa Fun World and S Cube Water Park are great for families. They have thrilling water coasters and relaxing lazy rivers. These parks are all about making happy memories away from the city’s hustle.

Enjoying the Water Rides at S Cube Water Park

Gastronomic Delights at the Park

Hungry after all the fun? These parks have a wide range of food to choose from. Whether you want a snack or a full meal, you’ll find something tasty. They’re famous not just for being the best picnic spots Vadodara has, but also for delicious food options.

Ajwa Fun World S Cube Water Park
Exciting water slides Wave pools and aquatic playground
Amusement rides for all ages Rain dance and waterfalls
Scenic picnic spots with ample seating Comfortable lounging areas
Multi-cuisine food court Specialty snack bars

Water rides, leisure spots, and gastronomic delights – these parks have it all. Thinking of your next family day out? Ajwa Fun World and S Cube Water Park are the best choices near Vadodara.

Kabirwad and Hathni Waterfalls – Testament to Nature’s Marvel

Kabirwad and Hathni Waterfalls are top picnic spots in Vadodara. They draw families and nature lovers to enjoy their untouched beauty. Kabirwad offers an unforgettable outing beneath a huge Banyan tree. It’s perfect for making picnic memories. The boat ride to this secluded island feels like an adventure, ideal for those wanting family-friendly picnic spots surrounded by nature.

Hathni Waterfalls is another gem for picnic spots near Vadodara. It provides a scene so beautiful it inspires artists and poets. The waterfall falls gracefully from 100 meters, showing off nature’s grandeur. Hathni Waterfalls is perfect for a peaceful retreat mixed with breathtaking views.

Kabirwad and Hathni Waterfalls are more than just scenic. They’re family-friendly picnic spots that connect you to the earth. They offer a break from daily life, proving nature’s magnificence and strength.

Feature Kabirwad Hathni Waterfalls
Landscape Vast ancient Banyan tree Picturesque waterfall and surrounding greenery
Activities Picnicking, boat rides, exploring Picnicking, photography, trekking
Accessibility Boat ride to island Close to Vadodara, suitable for day trips
Appeal Unique island experience Year-round allure, especially during monsoon

These places are more than the best picnic spots Vadodara has; they are retreats. Here, time seems to stop, stress fades, and families get closer. They showcase the beauty of our planet.


The area around Vadodara is full of beautiful sights. It’s perfect for anyone looking for great picnic spots. From the cool Zarwani Waterfall to the adventurous lands of Jambughoda, there’s something special for everyone. These places are great for families. They offer a lot of different things to enjoy, making sure everyone can find their little piece of happiness.

For those who love history and spirituality, Dakor offers a peaceful retreat. It’s filled with temples and provides a quiet place for picnics. On the other hand, if you’re looking for excitement, Ajwa Fun World and S Cube Water Park are the places to go. No matter what adventure you choose, these spots show why Vadodara is known for its top picnic locations.

In short, Vadodara is near many great places for picnics. It’s a place full of chances to relax, explore, and have fun with your family. As you plan your next trip, think about these wonderful natural, historical, and fun spots. A memorable day with your loved ones is waiting for you, just a short trip away. You’ll find it in the beautiful areas around Vadodara.


What are the best picnic spots near Vadodara?

A: Anand, Zarwani Waterfall, Jambughoda, Dakor, and Kabirwad are great picks. Hathni Waterfalls is also a must-visit.

Are these picnic spots family-friendly?

Absolutely, all these spots are perfect for families. They have fun activities and facilities for everyone.

Are there picnic spots with facilities available?

Of course. Many spots offer food courts, restaurants, and washrooms. This makes your visit more comfortable.

Can I find picnic spots with nature trails near Vadodara?

Definitely. If you love nature, some spots offer trails and trekking. This allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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