Top Places in the World to Have the Best Pizza

places in the world to have the best pizza

Imagine being about to eat a slice of pizza. Its cheese stretches from the plate to your mouth. Your taste buds gear up for an exciting journey. Pizza blends dough, cheese, and sauce into a beloved meal worldwide. This makes finding the world’s best pizza locations a thrilling adventure for food lovers. Places like New York’s lively streets and Naples’s historic piazzas top the list. Each top pizza place globally mixes tradition with new twists.

Exploring Los Angeles’s vibrant neighborhoods or Rome’s charming alleys offers a peek into our planet’s pizza offerings. Searching for the ultimate pizza destinations is about more than just loving this popular dish. It’s also about experiencing different cultures through their signature pizzas. We’re about to reveal the best pizza cities around the world. These must-visit spots will turn your pizza love into a desire to travel.

Let’s go on a journey to top pizza spots worldwide. Each pizza slice will feel like a new discovery. Gear up; we’re touring the most sought-after places in the world to have the best pizza. So, tighten your belts. This trip will be as exciting as it is memorable.

Exploring Naples: The Birthplace of Pizza

Naples is known worldwide as the birthplace of pizza. Its narrow streets are alive with the history of authentic Neapolitan pizza. Each trattoria and pizzeria shares a piece of this history. Searching for the best pizza in Naples is a journey into tradition.

In Naples, two pizzerias stand out for their famous pizza. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo and L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele are must-visits. They are known worldwide for their pizza mastery.

Experience the Authenticity at Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

Best pizza in Naples discussions often mention Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo. This place is renowned for its traditional pizza. The dough is artfully prepared and baked in wood-fired ovens. At Sorbillo, each bite feels like a piece of Naples.

Discover the Historical Flavors at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is a treasure among locals and tourists. It’s one of the world’s oldest pizzerias. It’s famous for keeping the tradition of Naples pizza alive. Here, the secret is in the ingredients and ancient techniques. This makes L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele a symbol of authentic Neapolitan pizza.

Naples consistently excels in pizza-making. Its esteemed pizzerias, with a commitment to authenticity, are leaders in the pizza world. They are not just places to eat but landmarks of a cherished art form. This art form’s roots are deeply embedded in Neapolitan culture.

Places in the World to Have the Best Pizza

Travelers don’t just go to Naples for the original pizza anymore. Now, there are many top pizza destinations around the world. From traditional Italian pies to new styles, these best pizza locations offer something for every palate. Check out these best pizza cities for an unforgettable pizza experience. Make sure to visit these places for a global pizza tasting journey.

World's Best Pizza Cities

  1. New York City, USA – Known for the classic New York slice, it’s big, bold, and a staple of the city’s food scene.
  2. Rome, Italy – Enjoy the crispy, thin crust pizzas with fresh toppings in Italy’s capital.
  3. Tokyo, Japan – Japanese chefs mix detail with innovation, creating unique takes on pizza.
  4. São Paulo, Brazil – This city blends traditional and Brazilian styles, thanks to its large Italian community.
  5. Melbourne, Australia – Local ingredients and wood-fired cooking make Melbourne’s pizza a local favorite.

New names are making their mark on the pizza world, winning over food lovers everywhere. There’s a delicious slice of pizza waiting for you to discover wherever you are on earth!

City Style of Pizza What Makes It Unique
New York City, USA American The foldable crust and generous toppings make it standout.
Rome, Italy Roman Its thin, crispy crust and simple toppings are unique.
Tokyo, Japan Japanese-Italian Fusion A mix of classic Italian and unique Japanese tastes.
São Paulo, Brazil Brazilian-Italian These pizzas showcase Brazil’s culture and Italian influence.
Melbourne, Australia Aussie Artisan They use local meats, cheeses, and gourmet toppings.

“No matter where you are, pizza is a language everyone speaks.”

The variety in the best pizza cities shows that great pizza can be found worldwide. Try different styles, enjoy the unique flavors, and remember these top pizza destinations for your trips. From famous places to new spots, the love for pizza connects us all.

Tasting the Pizza Renaissance in New York City

New York City pizza stands out because of its creativity and commitment to quality. It’s more than a trend; it’s a revolution that celebrates old traditions and new ideas. Two places, Paulie Gee’s and Roberta’s, are at the forefront, making what many say is the city’s best pizza.

New York City pizza renaissance

The pizza scene in New York City is always changing, just like its skyline. This evolution reflects the city’s growing desire for top-notch food.

Classic Meets Contemporary at Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee’s, in Brooklyn, honors traditional pizza making. Yet, it’s not afraid to add a modern twist, pleasing both classic and new-age tastes.

Savor Innovations at Roberta’s

Near the busy streets, Roberta’s stands out for its innovative pizzas. They’re a hub of creativity, offering dishes that wow both your eyes and taste buds.

Paulie Gee’s Specialty Roberta’s Specialty
Hellboy: Spicy soppressata with honey Bee Sting: Tomato, mozzarella, soppressata, chili, honey
Ricotta Be Kiddin’: Ricotta, mozzarella, Canadian bacon The Speckenwolf: Mozzarella, speck, mushrooms, onion, oregano
Greenpointer: Fior di latte, arugula, lemon juice White and Greens: Mozzarella, Parmesan, garlic, arugula

Whether it’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy at Paulie Gee’s or the creative genius at Roberta’s, these places lead New York City’s pizza scene. They capture the bold spirit of the city’s pizza culture: always adventurous, always delicious.

Savoring the Diverse Pizza Landscape of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles pizza scene is as expansive and varied as the city itself. It’s a paradise for pizza lovers. You can find everything from classic recipes to new creations that change how we think about pizza.

Los Angeles may not have invented pizza, but it sure knows how to reinvent it. The city’s dynamic food scene has given rise to a new wave of pizzerias, each with its own twist on the classic dish.

In LA, beneath the stars of Hollywood, you’ll find pizza joints that celebrate tradition or break the mold. You can enjoy a slice that tastes like it’s from Naples. Or, try something new that mixes flavors from around the world.

The best part about Los Angeles’ pizza scene is its diversity. Here are some highlights that showcase the city’s pizza excellence:

  • A spot where the crust comes out crispy and charred from a coal fire, oozing with history.
  • At the beach, the air enhances the flavor of a perfect, wood-fired Margherita.
  • A fusion place that combines East and West with toppings like kimchi and bulgogi.
  • Mobile ovens at farmers markets serve up artisan slices to locals.
  • Upscale places bring gourmet flair to the humble pizza, turning it into a luxury.

LA is known for being health-conscious. So, its pizza places offer choices for everyone. You can find gluten-free, vegan, and organic pizzas all over the city. What ties them together is a dedication to excellence and innovation. This makes LA stand out in the worldwide pizza scene.

Style Venue Signature Pizza Highlight
Neapolitan Il Forno Caldo Diavola Traditional wood-fired oven
New York Slice Joe’s Pizza Santa Monica The Works Iconic foldable slices
California Gourmet Gjelina Take Away Mushroom and Truffle Cheese Locally sourced ingredients
Asian Fusion Koreatown Pizza Co. Hot Chicken Unique topping combinations
Vegan Pizzanista! Mac and Cheese Pizza Plant-based creativity

Whether grabbing a slice on the go or sitting down for a meal, LA offers a slice of heaven for all. With its wide and vivid pizza scene, LA shows it’s not just the stars that shine. It’s the pizza too that sparkles with culinary brilliance.

The Roman Pizza Experience: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

When visiting Rome, trying the authentic Roman pizza is a must. It’s a blend of old traditions and modern tastes. Charred to perfection, these pizzas capture Italy’s soul. In this exploration, we spotlight two notable pizzerias in Rome’s vibrant scene. La Gatta Mangiona offers classic joys, while Seu Pizza Illuminati brings innovative dishes. Here, the best pizza in Rome caters to all, no matter the season.

La Gatta Mangiona’s Seasonal Specialties

Known for its seasonal pizzas, La Gatta Mangiona masters Roman pizza craft. Traditional methods meet innovation here, topped with fresh seasonal ingredients. This dedication places La Gatta Mangiona among Rome’s celebrated pizzerias.

Indulge in Pier Daniele Seu’s Pizza Vision at Seu Pizza Illuminati

At Seu Pizza Illuminati, Pier Daniele Seu’s vision wows pizza lovers. He combines Rome’s classic pizza charm with bold toppings. This place is famous for its artistic dishes and divine tastes, earning it a spot among Rome’s best.

La Gatta Mangiona Seu Pizza Illuminati
Seasonal toppings Inventive combinations
Classical ambiance Contemporary setting
Local following Trendsetting in the pizza industry
Traditional Roman crusts Unique dough fermentation approach

Roman pizza is more than food; it’s a journey into the city’s heart. Eating pizza here, whether in a cozy trattoria or a modern spot, connects you to Rome. Seu Pizza Illuminati and La Gatta Mangiona show Rome’s love for its past and future in cuisine.

Exploring these pizzerias is a tribute to Roman life. It’s not just about finding the perfect pizza. It’s delving into history, art, and Rome’s passion for pizza craftsmanship.

Globetrotting to Unexpected Pizza Paradises

The search for the perfect pizza slice takes us beyond familiar places. We find ourselves in unexpected pizza paradises that make us rethink where great pizza comes from. The growing love for this dish has led pizza fans to global pizza destinations known for their fresh takes on the classic. Places like Bæst in Denmark and The Pizza Bar on 38th in Japan are celebrated as some of the best pizza spots outside of Italy.

Taste the Danish Take on Italian at Bæst

In Copenhagen, Bæst mixes Italian tradition with Danish charm, marking its spot as a must-visit for pizza lovers. At Bæst, the focus on organic and local ingredients, mixed with Italian cooking methods, creates a unique pizza that’s a true unexpected pizza paradise.

Exploring Asian Influences at The Pizza Bar on 38th – Tokyo

The Pizza Bar on 38th in Tokyo is a culinary adventure that crosses cultures. It combines pizza-making art with Asian touches. Located in Tokyo’s heart, this spot is unique because it fuses Japanese precision with Italian flavors, making it a standout among global pizza destinations.

Destination Location Specialty Ambience
Bæst Copenhagen, Denmark Organic, Locally Sourced Ingredients Cozy, Artisanal
The Pizza Bar on 38th Tokyo, Japan Asian-Inspired Pizza Creations Modern, Intimate

These places show how global cuisine is beautiful and pizza is constantly changing. As we all get closer, our shared love for pizza brings us together. This leads chefs worldwide to put new spins on this classic meal. From Bæst in Copenhagen to The Pizza Bar on 38th in Tokyo, the quest for amazing pizza takes us to some of the most unexpected pizza paradises around the globe.


Our food journey took us around the world, exploring best pizza destinations. In Naples, we learned how each pizza tells a story of tradition. New York City showed us a pizza renaissance, blending old favorites and new tastes. And in Los Angeles, we found pizzas as varied as the city itself.

In Rome, we discovered pizzas mixing tradition with new ideas, a nod to Italy’s lasting impact. Yet, our journey didn’t stop at famous cities. We also found amazing pizzas in unexpected places like Copenhagen and Tokyo’s The Pizza Bar on 38th. These spots are becoming top names in pizza making.

As we wrap up, our search for the perfect pizza slice continues. The passion and creativity in every pizza show that making pizza is an art without limits. We invite all pizza lovers to explore these incredible places. Whether you love a classic Margherita or a slice with unique toppings, there’s a place with a warm oven ready for you. Here’s to the amazing pizza flavors waiting to be discovered worldwide.


What are the top places in the world to have the best pizza?

Top pizza spots include Naples, New York City, and Los Angeles. Rome, Copenhagen, and Tokyo also offer amazing pizzas.

Where is the birthplace of pizza?

Naples, Italy, is known as the birthplace of pizza.

Which pizzerias in Naples are worth visiting for an authentic experience?

In Naples, Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo and L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele are famous. They’re known for their original Neapolitan pizzas.

What are some of the best pizza destinations in the world?

Top pizza places include New York City, Rome, and Copenhagen.

Which pizzerias in New York City should I try?

Try Paulie Gee’s and Roberta’s in New York City for unique pizzas.

Is Los Angeles a good city for pizza lovers?

Absolutely! Los Angeles boasts a variety of pizzerias with different styles.

Where can I find the best pizza in Rome?

La Gatta Mangiona and Seu Pizza Illuminati in Rome offer a special pizza experience.

Are there any unexpected pizza paradises outside of Italy and the United States?

Indeed! Copenhagen’s Bæst and Tokyo’s The Pizza Bar on 38th bring a unique twist to pizza.

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