Top Resorts Near Mumbai for Your Getaway Escape

best resorts near mumbai

Imagine the soothing sound of the sea by the shore and a gentle breeze moving through palm trees. Feel the taste of salt in the air. Such experiences are just a short journey away from Mumbai’s relentless pace. For city folks, these weekend getaways are not just luxuries but necessary. The people of Mumbai love their best resorts near Mumbai. These places are where time seems to slow down. Here, luxury accommodations near Mumbai let you forget the city’s bustle.

People who enjoy these retreats rave about the plush comfort and the infinity pools. There’s also the resort deals Mumbai gives all year. You might dip your toes in the sandy beaches at one of the beach resorts near Mumbai. Or, enjoy a cool drink in the secluded luxury of top retreats near Mumbai. Being close to these paradises feels almost unreal.

But what’s really appealing is the variety of escapes. Some places are perfect for families, known as the best holiday resorts Mumbai boasts. These places are full of laughter and memories to make. Others might prefer secluded resorts near Mumbai. These resorts are tucked away in nature, where peace surrounds you completely. And for those who make last-minute plans, the weekend resorts near Mumbai are ready. They offer a peaceful break from city life.

This article will guide you in exploring these amazing places. It’s your roadmap to the next Mumbai getaway resorts adventure. Every escape offers its own special vibe, a touch of luxury, and a chance to refresh your spirit and body.

Unwind in Luxury: Best Resorts Near Mumbai

If you love luxury and beautiful views, start your search outside Mumbai. You’ll find luxury accommodations Mumbai lovers enjoy, blending tranquility with opulence. Each luxury resort near Mumbai ties sophistication with nature’s beauty, offering travelers a unique experience.

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Karjat: Embrace Nature and Luxury

The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Karjat greets you with calm waters and green surroundings. It’s known as one of the best resorts near Mumbai for its detailed service. Guests can enjoy spa treatments and dining amidst nature’s peace.

The Forest Club Resort Karjat: A Hillside Haven

Head up to The Forest Club Resort Karjat for a mix of nature and luxury. Its infinity pools seem to blend into the green landscape. As a top luxury resort near Mumbai, it offers modern comforts in a peaceful setting.

Dukes Retreat Resort Khandala: Clifftop Views and Elegance

Dukes Retreat Resort Khandala sits high on a cliff, offering breathtaking views. It features elegant rooms and top-notch amenities, ranking it among the best resorts near Mumbai. The resort perfectly combines natural beauty with luxury, ideal for a lavish getaway.

Feature Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Karjat The Forest Club Resort Karjat Dukes Retreat Resort Khandala
Location Nestled by Ulhas River, Karjat Hillside, Karjat Clifftop, Khandala
Amenities Spa, Indoor dining, Outdoor pools Meandering & Infinity Pools Clifftop views, Elegant rooms
Experience Nature-infused luxury Nature & Comfort blend Opulent clifftop living

Looking for a family getaway or a quiet place for yourself? These places offer top luxury accommodations Mumbai seekers will love. They promise unforgettable moments where luxury meets nature. Explore these special resorts for an exceptional stay.

Escape to Secluded Serenity: Quiet Retreats a Stone’s Throw from Mumbai

Amid Mumbai’s constant buzz, a peaceful escape is possible. Resorts near Mumbai provide a quiet haven. Here, the only sounds are the leaves rustling and distant birdcalls.

These secluded resorts near Mumbai offer a peaceful experience. You’re not just staying; you’re connecting with nature on a personal level.

Imagine a serene morning surrounded by mountain mists at tranquil resorts near Mumbai. Nature’s soundtrack adds to the calm of your meditative retreat.

Looking to unplug and find peace? Quiet retreats near Mumbai are perfect. They offer tranquil environments for mind and body rejuvenation. Guests can dive into a restorative and enchanting experience.

  • Spend your days by a silent brook, surrounded by nature’s serenity.
  • Try wellness therapies that connect you to the elements and your peaceful surroundings.
  • Discover hidden places for reflection or quiet reading nooks.

Find charm in a simple dwelling surrounded by forest or a luxury resort that offers quiet with elegance. These sanctuaries near Mumbai offer the peace you seek. They are conveniently close yet far from the noise.

Indulge in Weekend Getaways: Top-Rated Retreats Close to Mumbai

A weekend escape can be a quiet haven from city bustle. Near Mumbai, luxury resorts are a short trip away. They blend nature and comfort, offering a break without leaving behind city luxuries. Two gems include The Machan Resort Atvan and Amanzi Resort Pavana Dam. They stand out for being eco-friendly and peaceful.

The Machan Resort, Atvan: Eco-Luxury Among the Trees

The Machan Resort Atvan offers unique treehouse stays. It mixes green living with modern luxury, nestled in green woods. Here, you can wake to bird songs and sleep under stars. It’s a special escape that sticks with you.

Amanzi Resort, Pavana Dam: Overlooking Tranquil Waters

Amanzi Resort Pavana Dam is all about calm. It boasts boutique villas with stunning views of Pavana Dam’s waters. Seeking solitude by the water or a plush base for nature exploration? Amanzi is your go-to for a restful weekend.

The Machan Resort Atvan

Feature The Machan Resort Atvan Amanzi Resort Pavana Dam
Environment Forest Treehouses Lakeside Villas
Accommodations Eco-Friendly Luxury Private Boutique Comfort
Amenities Spa, Outdoor Activities Infinity Pool, Water Sports
Experience Immersive Nature Retreat Peaceful Waterfront Getaway

Heading to these resorts near Mumbai means a break from everyday life. Both The Machan Resort Atvan and Amanzi Resort Pavana Dam offer more than a place to sleep. They promise memorable experiences with top-notch comforts. Whichever you pick promises an exceptional retreat near Mumbai.

Family Friendly Resorts: Best Holiday Resorts Near Mumbai

Mumbai’s outskirts offer perfect retreats for families, with a mix of fun and comfort. The Upper Deck Resort Lonavala and Coconut Ivy Resort Alibaug are top choices. They have activities and environments suited for all ages, making them inclusive for all visitors.

family-friendly resorts near Mumbai

Upper Deck Resort, Lonavala: Fun for the Whole Family

The Upper Deck Resort Lonavala is a great place for families. It offers beautiful views and green surroundings. There’s a swimming pool, indoor games, and family activities for bonding and fun.

Coconut Ivy Resort, Alibaug: A Kid’s Paradise

The Coconut Ivy Resort in Alibaug is specially made for kids. Its large grounds are safe for kids to play and explore. There are fun activities and good childcare, making it a secure and enjoyable family getaway.


Mumbai is the lively center of business and fun in India. Yet, its people often seek peace and relaxation. Luckily, nearby resorts deliver everything a traveler might want. Whether you desire opulent comforts, quietude, a weekend sanctum close by, or fun for the whole family at a resort, you’ll find it near Mumbai.

From the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Karjat to The Machan Resort in Atvan, each spot offers an escape. Here, you can forget city life stress and enjoy refreshing experiences. These places have beautiful scenes, well-thought-out designs, and fun activities for everyone.

Choosing a top resort close to Mumbai means more than a simple break. It’s a chance to enrich your life and refresh your mind, body, and spirit. So what’s stopping you? Explore the luxury, embrace the calm, and let these retreats create unforgettable moments for you.


What are the top resorts near Mumbai for a getaway escape?

A few top places for a getaway near Mumbai are Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Karjat, The Forest Club Resort Karjat, and Dukes Retreat Resort Khandala.

Which resort near Mumbai offers a luxurious experience blending nature and opulence?

The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Karjat blends luxury with nature beautifully.

Which resort near Mumbai offers a hillside haven with meandering pools and magnificent infinity pools?

The Forest Club Resort in Karjat is your go-to for hillside bliss with meandering and infinity pools.

Which resort near Mumbai is renowned for its clifftop views, elegant rooms, and wide array of amenities?

The Dukes Retreat Resort in Khandala is famous for its clifftop views, elegant rooms, and many facilities.

Where can I find peaceful and secluded retreats near Mumbai?

For peace and seclusion near Mumbai, there are places with serene vibes and lush environments.

Which resort near Mumbai offers an eco-luxury experience among the trees?

The Machan Resort in Atvan is known for its tree-surrounded eco-luxury.

Which resort near Mumbai overlooks tranquil waters at the Pavana Dam?

Amanzi Resort at Pavana Dam offers a calm setting by tranquil waters.

Which resorts near Mumbai are family-friendly?

The Upper Deck Resort in Lonavala and Coconut Ivy Resort in Alibaug welcome families for a fun stay near Mumbai.

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