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things to do in andaman

The Andaman Islands are full of exciting things to do and stunning places to see. From beautiful beaches to crystal-clear waters, there’s something for everyone. You can also find unique adventures and cultural experiences that you won’t forget.

If you love nature or seek adventure, Andaman is perfect for you. You can dive into the colorful underwater world or walk among marine life. There’s a wide range of activities for all kinds of travelers.

Are you excited to explore the Andaman Islands? Let’s look at the best activities and places. They will surely make your journey memorable.

Discover the Sea Life with Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Andaman is an exciting adventure. It lets you see the vivid underwater world full of marine life. Havelock Island is the best place for diving, with clear waters and beautiful coral reefs.

Certified instructors guide divers in the Andaman Sea. They show the best spots for an amazing experience.

The dive lasts about an hour. Divers see the stunning beauty of the ocean. The fish, corals, and marine plants are unforgettable sights.

Scuba diving in Andaman is great for anyone, no matter your skill level. The water is calm and warm, ideal for exploring.

“Scuba diving in Havelock Island was a dream come true. The underwater world is simply mesmerizing! The vibrant colors and diverse marine life left me in awe. I highly recommend this experience to anyone visiting Andaman!” – John Smith, Diving Enthusiast

Don’t miss the chance to scuba dive in Andaman. Dive into the deep blue sea and make memories that will stay with you forever.

Experience the Breathtaking Marine Life

Scuba diving shows you the ocean’s fascinating creatures. You might see sea turtles, manta rays, clownfish, and coral formations. Each dive in Andaman brings a new, awesome discovery.

Choose your Scuba Diving Package

Different scuba diving packages are offered in Andaman. They match everyone’s preferences and experience levels.

Package Price Inclusions
Discover Scuba Diving Starting from $80 One dive with an instructor, gear rental, and a boat trip
Certified Diver Starting from $60 Two dives with an instructor, gear rental, and a boat trip
Advanced Diver Starting from $100 Three dives with an instructor, gear rental, and a boat trip

Prices depend on the dive center and package chosen. It’s smart to book early to ensure you get a spot.

Scuba diving in Andaman is an amazing adventure for all divers. It’s a chance to see the stunning underwater world and make memories to last forever.

Enjoy Walking Underwater While Sea Walking

Sea walking in Andaman is an incredible adventure. It lets visitors explore the underwater world without needing to dive. Havelock Island is one of the best spots for sea walking. It’s known for its beautiful marine ecosystem and clear waters. This activity is a great way to see colorful fish and vibrant corals up close.

When you go sea walking, you wear a special helmet. This helmet lets you breathe easily while walking on the ocean’s floor. Professional instructors guide you. You’ll be surprised by the diverse marine life in Andaman with each step.

Sea walking in Havelock Island shows the beauty of underwater life in Andaman. People feel light as they walk among tropical fish and corals.

Walking with colorful fish is thrilling. It’s a unique experience that shows the beauty of Andaman. Professional photographers can capture this adventure. So, you’ll always remember this amazing journey.

Sea walking is for anyone, no matter your age. You don’t need to know how to swim or dive. It’s a safe and exciting way to see the ocean’s beauty. It’s perfect for both seasoned travelers and first-timers. Seeing the underwater world in Andaman will amaze you.

Sea Walking in Andaman

Activity Location Duration
Sea Walking Havelock Island Approximately 1 hour

Ready to see the underwater paradise of Andaman? Don’t miss sea walking in Havelock Island. Book now for a memorable adventure.

sea walking in Andaman

Get Acquainted with the Dolphin with Dolphin Glass Bottom Boat

Dolphin glass bottom boat rides let you see the Andaman sea life without getting wet. These boats have clear glass bottoms to show the underwater world. You can see colorful fish, beautiful corals, and interesting plants under the sea.

In a 60-minute boat ride, you might see dolphins playing near you. They jump and spin, always fun to watch. Seeing them up close is an amazing experience.

The boat ride isn’t just about dolphins. It also shows you different fish under your boat. The Andaman sea is full of life, with tropical fish and other sea creatures.

You’ll love seeing underwater life from the boat. The glass-bottom boat is comfy and safe. It’s perfect for enjoying Andaman’s sea life without going into the ocean.

A dolphin glass bottom boat ride in Andaman is magical. You’ll see dolphins, fish, and corals in clear water. Book your trip today for an experience you won’t forget.

Swim with the Colourful Fish while Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Andaman is a thrilling adventure. It lets you dive into a magical underwater world. The crystal-clear waters and varied sea creatures make Andaman a dream for snorkelers. Both new and experienced snorkelers will find amazing spots in Andaman for memorable dives.

Explore the Underwater Marine Life

Snorkeling lets you swim with colorful fish and see beautiful coral reefs. As you move through the water, you’ll see lively fish groups, stunning corals, and other unique sea life. It’s a way to bond with nature and enjoy the beauty below the water’s surface.

Top snorkeling places in Andaman include:

  • Elephant Beach: Known for its beautiful underwater ecosystem, it’s perfect for snorkeling. Jump into the blue waters and see many types of marine life.
  • North Bay: Close to Port Blair, North Bay has clear waters and colorful fish. It offers beautiful views of the sea world.
  • Jolly Buoy: Part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Jolly Buoy is rich in marine life. It’s a great place to see coral reefs and marine diversity.

When snorkeling, you’ll have all the needed gear. Experienced guides will make sure you’re safe and teach you about the sea life. You can snorkel for about 15 minutes with most packages. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy Andaman’s sea treasures.

Snorkeling in Andaman

Snorkeling in Andaman is an exceptional way to meet marine life and make lasting memories. It’s a must-try for nature fans, thrill-seekers, or anyone who loves to discover new places.

Mangrove Kayaking at Mayabunder

Immerse yourself in Andaman’s beautiful mangroves with a thrilling 2.5-hour kayaking adventure at Mayabunder. As you glide through calm waters, you’ll be enveloped by the soothing sounds of nature. The area’s wildlife and lush scenery will leave you in awe.

No previous kayaking experience? No problem. Expert trainers are here to teach you everything about kayaking. Soon, you’ll be confidently exploring the mangrove’s secret spots. It’s an adventure that welcomes everyone.

While paddling, you’ll see stunning mangrove forests around you. These forests are beautiful and vital for the Andaman Islands’ environment.

Enjoy refreshments during your trip to enhance the peaceful moment. This kayaking journey is an amazing chance to bond with nature. It promises lasting memories of your visit to Andaman.


What are some of the top activities and things to do in Andaman?

Top activities in Andaman include scuba diving, sea walking, and dolphin glass bottom boat rides. Snorkeling and mangrove kayaking are also popular.

What is scuba diving like in Andaman?

Scuba diving in Andaman is an amazing adventure. It lets you see the clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. Havelock Island is famous for diving.Certified guides take divers to see incredible marine life.

What is sea walking and where can I do it in Andaman?

Sea walking in Andaman is a unique chance to walk under the sea. Havelock Island is the best spot for it.You can see the ocean world up close. Colorful fish and corals surround you as experts guide you.

What are dolphin glass bottom boat rides and where can I find them in Andaman?

Dolphin glass bottom boat rides show Andaman’s underwater world. The boats have clear bottoms to see marine life and corals.You might see dolphins and lots of fish during the ride. You can find this activity at several Andaman locations.

Where are the best snorkeling spots in Andaman?

The best snorkeling spots in Andaman are at Elephant Beach, North Bay, and Jolly Buoy. Clear waters are home to many fish and corals.Gears are provided for about 15 minutes of snorkeling fun.

What can I expect from a mangrove kayaking experience in Andaman?

Mangrove kayaking at Mayabunder is an exciting exploration. You’ll glide through calm waters, hearing birds and seeing unique nature.No experience needed; trainers show you how to kayak. The trip includes refreshments, offering a great way to see Andaman’s beauty.

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