Nusa Dua Shopping Guide – Top Spots & Tips

shopping in nusa dua

Nusa Dua is more than a beautiful tourist spot in Bali; it’s also a shopper’s heaven. It has a mix of high-end boutiques and budget-friendly local markets. Whether you want great deals, unique gifts, or luxury brands, you’ll find them here.

Bali Collection – The Ultimate Shopping Destination

Located in Nusa Dua’s heart, Bali Collection is the top spot for luxury shopping. This large mall boasts international fashion, national brands, and Balinese items. It’s where luxury meets variety.

Enter Bali Collection and find yourself surrounded by luxury and style. Every corner showcases high-end fashion and accessories. You’ll discover designer wear and beautiful jewelry to make your style stand out.

Explore the luxury boutiques at Bali Collection. Check out the newest lines from famous fashion brands. The staff are ready to help you pick the perfect outfit for any event. Whether it’s a fancy gathering or a wardrobe refresh, Bali Collection has you covered.

Bali Collection offers more than just luxury stuff. It has a collection of real Balinese treasures too. You can take home handcrafted goods or traditional art. There’s always something special to find.

Need a break after shopping? Bali Collection has many great restaurants. You can enjoy meals from around the world or try local dishes. There’s something for everyone’s taste.

Bali Collection stands out for its luxury brands, Balinese treasures, and diverse eateries. It’s the best shopping spot in Nusa Dua for fashion lovers and those wanting a unique experience. Don’t miss out on visiting Bali Collection.

The Blue Glue Bikinis – The Trendsetter in Beachwear

When beach time comes in Nusa Dua, one name stands tall – The Blue Glue Bikinis or Thaikila. This favorite spot offers both one and two-piece swimsuits that are sure to dazzle on the beach.

The magic of The Blue Glue Bikinis lies in their wide selection and quality. Every swimsuit is made with care, ensuring a perfect fit and comfort. The materials, styles, and patterns are chosen with flair, for a glamorous and chic look.

If you’re looking to shop, The Blue Glue Bikinis is in the BTDC area of Bali Collection. It’s easy to find for anyone in Nusa Dua. As the fashion leader for local beachwear, it draws stylish travelers from everywhere.

Seeking trendy swimwear that boosts your confidence and style? Visit The Blue Glue Bikinis. Whether chilling by the pool or basking on the beach, their swimwear will surely make you the center of attention.

Customer Review:

“I adore The Blue Glue Bikinis! Their swimsuits are fantastic in design and quality, plus super comfy. I get so many compliments when I wear them on the beach. Highly recommended!” – Maya, a satisfied customer.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Beachwear:

  • Consider your body shape and choose a style that flatters your figure.
  • Pay attention to the fabric composition for comfortable and durable wear.
  • Experiment with different colors and prints to express your personal style.
  • Opt for a swimsuit that provides the right amount of support and coverage.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize with a stylish cover-up and beach hat.

Get Ready to Make a Splash!

With The Blue Glue Bikinis, the perfect mix of fashion, comfort, and quality awaits you. So pack up, head to Nusa Dua, and get ready to grab attention with your stylish swimwear from The Blue Glue Bikinis.

Benefits of The Blue Glue Bikinis:
Stylish and glamorous one and two-piece swimsuits
High-quality fabric, designs, and prints
Conveniently located in the BTDC area of Bali Collection
Sets the fashion trend for local beachwear
Provides the perfect fit and comfortable wear

Hardy’s Nusa Dua Plaza – Affordable Shopping Delight

Are you searching for budget-friendly shopping in Nusa Dua? Hardy’s Nusa Dua Plaza is your go-to spot. Locals and tourists love it here because it’s more affordable than Bali Collection. You’ll find a variety of local clothing brands at low prices.

Hardy’s Nusa Dua Plaza has a great food corner on the first floor. Enjoy tasty Indonesian dishes without spending a lot. It’s perfect for taking a break while shopping.

There’s also a big supermarket at Hardy’s. It sells liquor, electronics, and other daily items. Hardy’s has everything you need in one place.

Why Choose Hardy’s Nusa Dua Plaza?

“Hardy’s Nusa Dua Plaza offers an affordable shopping experience and high quality. It has many local clothing brands and a supermarket with diverse products. It’s ideal for budget-conscious shoppers in Nusa Dua.”

cheap shopping Nusa Dua

Benefits of Shopping at Hardy’s Nusa Dua Plaza Location Operating Hours
Affordable prices Bypass Ngurah Rai, Nusa Dua 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wide selection of local clothing brands Nusa Dua, Bali Open daily
Diverse range of products, including liquor and electronics
Food corner serving delicious Indonesian dishes

O Vault Nusa Dua – Designer Eyewear Paradise

If you’re looking for top-notch eyewear in Nusa Dua, O Vault Nusa Dua is your spot. Also known as Oakley Vault Bali, it’s the top Oakley eyewear outlet in Bali. You’ll find designer glasses, stylish footwear, sports wear, watches, and cool accessories.

At O Vault Nusa Dua, the newest Oakley collection awaits you. This brand is all about cutting-edge design, top quality, and cool style. They offer trendy sunglasses, prescription lenses with stylish frames, and the best athletic gear.

O Vault Nusa Dua has something for everyone, men and women alike. Whether you prefer classic elegance or bold, modern looks, their eyewear selection is vast. You’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

O Vault Nusa Dua offers more than just glasses, though. They believe in full style. So, they also have a big range of shoes, sports wear, watches, and accessories to complete your outfit.

Discover a world of premium eyewear in Nusa Dua at O Vault Nusa Dua. Here, the newest fashion trends blend with unbeatable quality.

high-end eyewear Nusa Dua


Shopping in Nusa Dua is great for everyone. It offers high-end goods and affordable items. You’ll find designer stores, shopping malls, and local markets.

Bali Collection is where luxury shoppers should go. It’s part of the Bali Tourism Development Complex (BTDC). It offers luxury brands and Balinese items. For budget-friendly options, try Hardy’s Nusa Dua Plaza for clothes and more.

For something different, check out the local markets. The Nusa Dua Night Market is a must-see for food, crafts, and souvenirs. Also, visit The Blue Glue Bikinis at Bali Collection for cool beachwear.

Looking for more? Head to Jalan Pantai Mengiat. There, you’ll find street shops with unique souvenirs. No matter what you’re into, Nusa Dua has something special for your shopping adventure.


Where can I find the best shopping deals in Nusa Dua?

Nusa Dua has many shopping places from high-end boutiques to local markets. For great shopping deals, check out Bali Collection, Hardy’s Nusa Dua Plaza, and the Nusa Dua Night Market.

What are the best shopping spots in Nusa Dua for luxury fashion?

For luxury fashion, head to Bali Collection in Nusa Dua. It has international and national luxury brands and authentic Balinese items.

Where can I find unique souvenirs in Nusa Dua?

Nusa Dua is full of places for unique souvenirs. Bali Collection offers a wide range of Balinese items. The Nusa Dua Night Market is also great for unique finds.

Are there any affordable shopping options in Nusa Dua?

Yes, for affordable shopping, visit Hardy’s Nusa Dua Plaza. It’s perfect for budget-friendly finds, including local clothing brands.

Where can I find high-end eyewear in Nusa Dua?

For high-end eyewear, go to O Vault Nusa Dua, also known as Oakley Vault Bali. They have the newest Oakley eyeglasses, shoes, sports clothes, watches, and more.

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