Scuba Diving in Andaman Islands: Uncover the Deep

scuba diving in andaman islands

The Andaman Islands are known for incredible scuba diving spots. These islands have vibrant marine life and beautiful coral reefs. They offer an unforgettable underwater adventure for everyone.

If you love water, you must try scuba diving in the Andaman Islands. There are various scuba diving packages and tours available. They let you explore the underwater world of the Andamans.

We will guide you through the best scuba diving spots in the Andaman Islands. You will learn about places like Havelock Island, North Bay Island, Neil Island, and Port Blair.

Get ready for a world full of underwater adventures. You will go on memorable diving excursions and see awe-inspiring sights. Learn about scuba diving courses and explore the Andaman’s marine life.

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Havelock Island

Havelock Island in Andaman is famous for its diving spots. Nemo Reef is a top spot. It’s great for new and skilled divers. The reef has lots of corals and many types of sea life.

Another top spot is Barracuda City. Here, divers can see barracudas in the wild. Seduction Point has strong currents and lots of sea life. The Aquarium is ideal for those who love to see fish and corals.

Turtle Bay is peaceful and full of unique turtles. Mac Point shows underwater cliffs and interesting sea creatures. The Lighthouse attracts divers with its views and exotic fish.

The Wall is for adventure-loving divers. It has steep cliffs and beautiful corals. Pilot Reef is perfect for taking pictures of tiny sea life and lovely reefs. Minvera Lidge is tough but gives divers a chance to see rare creatures and rocks.

Havelock Island is great for all divers. It offers many diving sites and special sea ecosystems. It’s a true paradise for those who love the underwater world.

Scuba Diving in North Bay Island

Welcome to North Bay Island, a top spot for scuba diving in Andaman. It has crystal clear waters that are perfect for diving. You can find coral gardens, steep walls, and sandy bottoms, offering diverse dives for everyone.

Exploring underwater at North Bay Island, you’ll see vibrant corals and lots of sea life. The visibility can reach up to 130ft (40m). This lets you take in the stunning underwater views.

North Bay Island fits divers at all skill levels. It has calm waters and gentle drifts. It’s great for beginners or those who haven’t tried scuba diving before.

If you love adventure and want to explore the ocean, come to North Bay Island. You’ll love its clear waters, coral gardens, and steep walls. It’s a diver’s paradise.

North Bay Island Diving Sites:

Diving Spot Features
Coral Gardens A mesmerizing display of colorful corals
Steep Walls Dive along vertical walls teeming with marine life
Sandy Bottoms Explore the sandy ocean floor and encounter unique marine species

Experience the excitement of scuba diving at North Bay Island. Make lasting memories as you dive into this underwater world. Discover the incredible sights beneath the waves in this beautiful paradise.

Scuba Diving in North Bay Island

Exploring the Underwater World in Neil Island

Neil Island boasts lovely hotels and is a scuba diver’s paradise. The water may not be crystal clear, but the marine life and corals are amazing. You can dive into the sea and discover its hidden beauty.

If Havelock or North Bay Island are out of reach, consider Neil Island. It has many dive sites like Busy Burro and Rocky’s. Each spot is full of colorful fish and beautiful corals.

Even if you can’t swim, Neil Island has something for you. There are courses that let non-swimmers explore underwater. For all divers, there are PADI courses and expert guidance available.

Prepare to explore Neil Island’s underwater treasures. You’ll love the beautiful marine life and colorful corals. Come and enjoy some of the best scuba diving around.

scuba diving in Neil Island

Diving Sites in Neil Island
Busy Burro
Manta Point/Robin’s Bay
Nursery/One Bottle
Bus Stop
Aquarium/Neil Garden

Scuba Diving in Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman and is great for scuba diving. Carbyn’s Cove Beach is one of the best spots in Port Blair. It is famous for its fun underwater adventures.

“Carbyn’s Cove Beach is a hidden gem for scuba diving in Port Blair. It boasts well-preserved live corals near Snake Island, creating a mesmerizing underwater landscape.”

Carbyn’s Cove Beach has live corals near Snake Island. This means you can see a lot of marine life clearly. The clear waters and many marine species make diving here unforgettable.

But Carbyn’s Cove Beach is not the only place to dive in Port Blair. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Corruption Rock, Rutland Island, and Snake Island are also great. Each spot has unique underwater sights.

One big plus of Port Blair is the low cost of diving. It’s perfect for families or anyone on a budget. This way, you can enjoy scuba diving without spending too much.

Scuba Diving Prices in Port Blair:

Diving Package Price (INR)
PADI Open Water Course 5,000
Single Dive 2,500
Discovery Scuba Diving 3,000
Advanced Open Water Course 6,500

Whether you’re just starting or already love diving, Port Blair is perfect. The prices are good, and the dive sites are amazing. It’s a top pick for divers at any level.


Scuba diving in the Andaman Islands is something all water lovers should try. These islands have a variety of dive sites. They are filled with different marine life and amazing coral formations.

For all divers, whether new or experienced, there are perfect spots. Havelock Island, North Bay Island, Neil Island, and Port Blair top the list. They have beautiful underwater scenes. You’ll see colorful fish, vibrant corals, and other incredible sea creatures.

Professional diving centers and guides are ready to help. With their assistance, anyone can discover the stunning underwater world of Andaman. So, get your dive gear ready. Jump into the clear waters. And enjoy the beauty and peace of this underwater world.


Is scuba diving popular in the Andaman Islands?

Yes, scuba diving is indeed a famous activity in the Andaman Islands. It draws visitors globally.

What are the best scuba diving spots in the Andaman Islands?

The best islands for scuba diving in Andaman are Havelock Island, North Bay Island, Neil Island, and Port Blair.

What are the top diving locations in Havelock Island?

Havelock Island’s top diving spots include Nemo Reef and Barracuda City. Other great places are Seduction Point and Aquarium. There’s also Turtle Bay, Mac Point, and Lighthouse. Finally, The Wall, Pilot Reef, and Minvera Lidge are must-visits.

What can I expect when scuba diving in North Bay Island?

Expect to see crystal clear blue waters and a rich coral population at North Bay Island. The diving sites feature beautiful coral gardens, steep walls, and sandy bottoms.

Can non-swimmers enjoy scuba diving in Neil Island?

Absolutely. Neil Island offers scuba diving options for non-swimmers. Courses and dives are specially designed for them.

Where can I go scuba diving in Port Blair?

You can dive at Carbyn’s Cove Beach in Port Blair. It’s known for its well-preserved corals near Snake Island.

Is scuba diving in the Andaman Islands affordable?

Yes, scuba diving in the Andaman Islands is budget-friendly. Prices, especially in Port Blair, are quite affordable for families.

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