Exciting Road Trips from Bangalore to Explore

road trips from bangalore

Did you know Bangalore is a great place for road trips? It’s a city in southern India. You can find adventures for nature lovers, thrill-seekers, or those who love culture. Imagine driving through beautiful landscapes or discovering hidden spots. These trips mix fun and relaxation perfectly.

Start a journey to find the best road trips near Bangalore. You’ll see beautiful sceneries, ancient ruins, and try tasty food. These trips will give you memories that last forever. Enjoy the excitement of driving to amazing places from Bangalore.

Thinking about a short break or a long adventure? Let’s explore some great destinations near Bangalore. Visit the stunning hills of Coorg or the calm beaches of Gokarna. Each place offers special experiences and gorgeous views.

So get ready, fill your car with gas, and head out. Explore these exciting road trips from Bangalore. You’ll definitely want to come back for more!

Bangalore to Coorg: Scotland of India

Coorg is known as the “Scotland of India” and it’s a dream spot for those who love nature. Get ready for an amazing road trip from Bangalore to Coorg, a journey of about 270 km. This route is full of beautiful coffee plantations, spice gardens, and stunning waterfalls.

In Coorg, there’s so much to see and do. Don’t miss Abbey Falls, a beautiful waterfall that will amaze you. If you like adventure, try the Tadiandamol Trek. You’ll get awesome views of the hills. And be sure to taste Kodava Kummu Curry, a delicious local dish.

Coorg also has many activities and places to enjoy. Walk through the coffee plantations and enjoy the smell of coffee. Visit the Namdroling Monastery to see Tibetan monks and feel the peace. Also, take some Coorg coffee home as a reminder of your trip.

Coorg is perfect for a quiet weekend or an exciting road trip. Enjoy the stunning nature, tasty food, and make lasting memories.

Bangalore to Chikmagalur: Coffee Land of Karnataka

Set off on a captivating drive from Bangalore to Chikmagalur, the “Coffee Land of Karnataka.” This place is a paradise for nature lovers and coffee fans. It’s surrounded by the Western Ghats’ stunning greenery.

The journey from Bangalore to Chikmagalur is about 240 km. It’s an ideal spot for a weekend break. Along the way, enjoy the amazing views of mountains shrouded in fog and smell the fresh coffee.

When you get to Chikmagalur, dive into the world of coffee plantations. Go on a tour to see how coffee is made, from the bean all the way to your cup. In the wide-open estates, feel the breeze and see the hard work that makes India’s premium coffee.

scenic drive to Chikmagalur

Top Places to Visit in Chikmagalur:

  • 1. Mullayanagiri Peak: Trek to the highest peak in Karnataka and be greeted with broad views of the Western Ghats.
  • 2. Baba Budangiri: Visit the peaceful mountains, ancient caves, and feel the holy vibe of Dattatreya Peetha.
  • 3. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary: Go on an exciting safari and see animals like elephants, tigers, and leopards.
  • 4. Hebbe Falls: See the powerful Hebbe Falls, surrounded by greenery and peace.
  • 5. Jhari Falls: Be amazed by the beauty of Jhari Falls, hidden in Chikmagalur’s dense forest.

Try the delicious local food of Chikmagalur, full of rich flavors. Be sure to taste Pathrode, a tasty snack made with colocasia leaves. Also, visit the large spice shops to buy aromatic spices and bring a bit of Chikmagalur back home.

Discover peace, the smell of coffee, and the beauty of nature in Chikmagalur. It’s a great place for anyone looking for a relaxing escape in nature.

Bangalore to Gokarna: A Serene Beach Getaway

Want to leave the city’s noise behind? A road trip from Bangalore to Gokarna is a great choice. About 490 km from Bangalore, Gokarna is a quiet beach town. It offers a peaceful and refreshing experience.

The drive there is filled with beautiful views. You’ll see rolling hills and green forests. It’s a journey that showcases Karnataka’s countryside’s natural beauty.

scenic drive to Gokarna

Gokarna’s beaches are its pride. They’re untouched by the busy world and provide a calm setting. Om Beach, Kudle Beach, and Half Moon Beach are places you must see. Walking on these beaches, sunbathing, and listening to the waves is relaxing.

Gokarna has more than just beaches, though. Adventure lovers can hike in the forests around. Those seeking spiritual experiences can visit the Mahabaleshwar Temple. It’s famous for its beautiful architecture and spiritual importance.

“Gokarna is a hidden gem on India’s western coast, offering a pristine and peaceful beach experience. A road trip from Bangalore allows you to escape the chaos of the city and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.”

Things to do in Gokarna:

  • Experience the mesmerizing beauty of bioluminescent beaches
  • Embark on a Gokarna Beach Trek and witness stunning panoramic views
  • Taste the local delicacy Konkani Clam Curry, a unique coastal dish
  • Indulge in beachside yoga and meditation for a truly rejuvenating experience
  • Explore the bustling Gokarna Market to discover stunning brass lamps and unique souvenirs

A trip from Bangalore to Gokarna is more than just a beach visit. It’s a chance to make lasting memories and find calm.

Bangalore to Mysore: India’s Sandalwood City

Start your journey from Bangalore to Mysore and witness the soul of Karnataka. Mysore, known for its deep history, splendid palaces, and silk sarees, captures the hearts of visitors. The 145 km drive from Bangalore makes Mysore a perfect spot for a weekend adventure or a scenic trip.

The Mysore Palace is a must-see on your visit. It’s like stepping into a royal dream with its beautiful architecture. Inside, admire the detailed pillars, colorful frescoes, and lavish interiors. During Dasara, the palace lights up with thousands of bulbs, creating a breathtaking view.

Don’t miss the Sandalwood Factory Tour in Mysore. It’s where you see how sandalwood products are made, from carvings to incense. You’ll get to know the importance of sandalwood in the area. Plus, you can buy a piece of sandalwood as a keepsake.

“Mysore Pak, a delicious sweet made of ghee, sugar, and gram flour, is a culinary delight that you must try during your visit to Mysore. Indulge your taste buds with this melt-in-your-mouth treat that has become synonymous with the city.”

Exploring Mysore’s markets is essential. Visit the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation for beautiful silk sarees. These sarees, known for their elaborate designs and bright colors, are truly special. It’s a chance to own a part of Mysore’s treasured textile legacy.

Leaving Mysore, you’ll carry memories of its royal history, art, and hospitality. The journey from Bangalore to Mysore offers an experience that truly represents Karnataka’s Sandalwood City.

Must-Visit Places in Mysore:

  • Mysore Palace
  • Sandalwood Factory Tour
  • Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation

Bangalore to Dandeli: Karnataka’s Green City

Dandeli is set in the beautiful Western Ghats and offers a fun-filled escape. A road trip from Bangalore to Dandeli, about 460 km away, is perfect for adventure lovers. It lets them enjoy many exciting activities.

One top activity in Dandeli is its thrilling white water rafting. You can navigate the fast currents of the Kali River. For those who love nature, the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-see. You can walk through large forests and see a variety of animals in their real homes.

Dandeli is also great for trekking in its dense forests. You can find hidden paths, see unique plants and animals, and enjoy peaceful nature.

Be sure to visit the amazing Kavala Caves when you’re in Dandeli. These old limestone caves are perfect for explorers. They also offer a beautiful spot for taking photos.

After a day full of adventure, try the local food, Bisi Bele Bath. It’s a tasty rice and lentil dish with spices. It will fill you up and let you taste Karnataka’s cuisine.

Don’t leave without getting some local handicrafts. Buying traditional items and souvenirs from local makers is a great idea. They are special and thoughtful gifts.

To sum up, driving from Bangalore to Dandeli gives you adventure, beauty, and moments to remember. Enjoy the scenic route, see incredible views, and try out exciting activities. Dandeli is waiting to give you a wonderful weekend!


Starting road trips from Bangalore lets you see beautiful places, enjoy nature, and have fun and peaceful moments. You can choose places like Coorg, Chikmagalur, Gokarna, Mysore, or Dandeli. Each one offers unique experiences and helps make great memories.

Driving to Coorg, you’ll find amazing coffee farms and stunning waterfalls. It’s called the “Scotland of India” for a good reason. Chikmagalur is another spot where you can smell fresh coffee and see beautiful mountains. It’s known as the “Coffee Land of Karnataka.” In Gokarna, you’ll find peaceful beaches and exciting treks along the coast.

On the way to Mysore, the city famous for sandalwood, you’ll see grand palaces and silk sarees. You’ll also taste the delicious Mysore Pak. Heading to Dandeli, you can try thrilling activities like rafting. You’ll see lots of wildlife in the lush Western Ghats forests.

So, it’s time to get your car ready, call your friends, and start these amazing road trips from Bangalore. These journeys will let you enjoy the beauty of nature, relax your mind, and make memories that last forever.


What are some road trips from Bangalore that I can take?

You can explore Coorg, Chikmagalur, Gokarna, Mysore, and Dandeli from Bangalore.

How far is Coorg from Bangalore?

Coorg lies about 270 km from Bangalore.

What are the must-visit attractions in Coorg?

Don’t miss Abbey Falls, the Tadiandamol Trek, and tasting Kodava Kummu Curry in Coorg.

How far is Chikmagalur from Bangalore?

Chikmagalur is roughly 240 km from Bangalore.

What are the must-visit attractions in Chikmagalur?

In Chikmagalur, visit Kudremukh Peak and take a coffee plantation tour. Don’t forget to try Pathrode and shop for spices.

How far is Gokarna from Bangalore?

Gokarna is around 490 km from Bangalore.

What are the must-visit attractions in Gokarna?

Gokarna is famous for its bioluminescent beaches and Gokarna Beach Trek. Also, try Konkani Clam Curry and pick up brass lamps.

How far is Mysore from Bangalore?

Mysore is approximately 145 km from Bangalore.

What are the must-visit attractions in Mysore?

See Mysore Palace, tour a Sandalwood Factory, taste Mysore Pak, and buy silk sarees.

How far is Dandeli from Bangalore?

Dandeli is nearly 460 km from Bangalore.

What are the must-visit attractions in Dandeli?

Visit Kavala Caves, go river rafting, try Bisi Bele Bath, and buy local crafts in Dandeli.

What can I expect from these road trips from Bangalore?

These trips offer scenic views, nature immersion, and a mix of adventure and relaxation.

How can I make the most of these road trips from Bangalore?

Plan ahead, pack comfortable clothes and snacks, and use a reliable map or GPS.

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