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resorts in trivandrum

Did you know Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, has stunning resorts? It’s true!

Trivandrum is beautiful with its beaches, green scenery, and Kerala’s architecture. It’s a perfect spot for those looking for peace.

Looking for a luxury or budget-friendly beach resort? Trivandrum offers the best. Enjoy amazing amenities, service, views, and calm places.

So, don’t delay. Check out our guide to find Trivandrum’s top resorts. Make your stay memorable. Book your dream vacation and experience Trivandrum’s splendor!

Luxury Resorts in Trivandrum

Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital, is home to amazing luxury resorts. These places mix elegance, stunning views, and top-notch service. Each resort caters to discerning travelers, providing peace and unforgettable experiences.

At Amrutham Ayurvedic Village Resort, enjoy old-style architecture with modern comforts. Try Ayurvedic treatments and taste excellent food in beautiful surroundings.

Chakra Ayurvedic Resort offers a special experience. It mixes ancient remedies with modern luxury. Here, you can relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul in a peaceful setting.

The Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa Kovalam is luxury at its best. It has beautiful ocean views, fancy rooms, and world-class amenities. It’s a paradise for relaxation and enjoyment.

Turtle on the Beach is located by the Arabian Sea, giving a peaceful escape. It features stylish rooms, great dining, and many activities. Enjoy the calmness of this beachfront spot.

The Leela Kovalam is ideal for a lavish coastal vacation. Set on a cliff, it offers stunning views and amenities like a private beach, restaurants, and an infinity pool.

Resort Location Amenities Rating
Amrutham Ayurvedic Village Resort Trivandrum Ayurvedic treatments, swimming pool, restaurant 5 stars
Chakra Ayurvedic Resort Trivandrum Ayurvedic spa, yoga classes, meditation center 4.5 stars
Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa Kovalam Kovalam Private beach, spa, multiple dining options 5 stars
Turtle on the Beach Trivandrum Beachfront location, infinity pool, spa 4.5 stars
The Leela Kovalam Kovalam Private beach, multiple restaurants, infinity pool 5 stars

Why Choose a Luxury Resort in Trivandrum?

Staying at a top resort in Trivandrum has many benefits. Enjoy world-class amenities, personal service, and stunning accommodations. It lifts your vacation to higher levels. Experience Trivandrum’s culture, beauty, and charm while being spoiled in luxury.

Beach Resorts in Trivandrum

Trivandrum is famous for its stunning beaches, making it a haven for beach lovers. The city has many beach resorts that offer a perfect escape by the sea. These places provide not only access to beautiful beaches but also captivating views of the Arabian Sea.

Enjoy the peace of Trivandrum’s shores and try fun water activities.

Luxury Beach Resorts

For a fancy stay by the beach, Trivandrum has luxury resorts to meet all your desires. At places like Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa Kovalam and Turtle on the Beach, luxury meets comfort. They promise an unforgettable experience with their top-notch service.

Resorts Near Trivandrum

If you want to be near the city but still close to the beach, there are options. These resorts are peaceful havens from the busy city life but still close to attractions. For a calm escape, check out Poovar Estuary Island Resort. It’s surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Unwind in Trivandrum’s Beach Resorts

Beach resorts in Trivandrum mix relaxation, natural beauty, and luxury features perfectly. Whether you’re looking for luxury or peace, these resorts are ideal. Enjoy Trivandrum’s coastal beauty and make lasting memories on its sunny beaches.

Trivandrum’s beach resorts let you relax on the beautiful coastline for a trip you’ll always remember. You get direct beach access, amazing views, and top amenities. These resorts showcase the charm of Trivandrum’s beaches at their best.

Budget Resorts in Trivandrum

Trivandrum is beautiful and steeped in culture. It offers budget-friendly resorts for those looking to save without losing out on comfort. These affordable stays provide great experiences, perfect for budget-conscious travelers.

Many budget resorts in Trivandrum provide comfy places to sleep and basic facilities. The Chakra Ayurvedic Resort is in a calm area, offering an Ayurvedic spa and yoga. Another top pick is the Joys Resort Poovar, close to lovely Poovar Beach. For peace and quiet, the Bethsaida Hermitage is great, with its own Ayurvedic health center.

Even with low prices, these resorts deliver quality and comfort. They aim to make your stay enjoyable with clean rooms, friendly staff, and amenities like restaurants and fun activities.

Experience a budget-friendly stay without compromising comfort and quality at the affordable resorts near Trivandrum.

These resorts also offer local tours, cultural shows, and activities to make your visit full. They’re near top sights, making it easy to explore Trivandrum and beyond.

For an affordable, cozy escape in Trivandrum, these budget resorts are ideal. Booking a stay at one of them means enjoying a wonderful trip without spending a lot.

budget resorts in Trivandrum

Resort Location Amenities
Chakra Ayurvedic Resort Trivandrum Ayurvedic spa, yoga sessions
Joys Resort Poovar Poovar Proximity to Poovar Beach
Bethsaida Hermitage Vizhinjam Ayurvedic health center

Resorts Near Trivandrum

If you’re looking to explore the surrounding areas of Trivandrum, there are several resorts located near the city. These resorts are near many attractions. They offer a peaceful place to stay, away from the city’s noise.

  1. Poovar Estuary Island Resort
  2. Bethsaida Hermitage

These resorts are not far from Trivandrum and mix luxury, comfort, and peace. Guests can enjoy spa treatments, beach yoga, water sports, and walks in nature.

beach resorts Trivandrum

“A stay at Poovar Estuary Island Resort offers a unique experience, with its stunning location by the backwaters. It provides a peaceful ambiance and a chance to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty.” – Travel Enthusiast Magazine

Bethsaida Hermitage is surrounded by greenery and offers a quiet place to stay. With big rooms, great views, and top-notch service, it’s perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Explore the Best of Trivandrum and Beyond

Guests can visit top spots in the city while staying at these resorts. The iconic Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Napier Museum, and Kovalam Beach are must-sees. For those who love nature, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Poovar Beach are top places to visit.

Resort Location Facilities
Poovar Estuary Island Resort Poovar, Trivandrum Backwater cruise, spa, swimming pool, yoga sessions
Bethsaida Hermitage Vellar, Trivandrum Ayurvedic treatments, multi-cuisine restaurant, indoor games

Looking for a luxurious escape or a calm beach stay, these Trivandrum resorts are ideal. Book now and enjoy Trivandrum’s natural beauty and culture.

5-Star Resorts in Trivandrum

If you’re looking for luxury in Trivandrum, you’ll find it. The city has prestigious 5-star resorts. They offer luxurious rooms, great service, and amazing amenities for a memorable stay.

The Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa Kovalam is a top choice. It’s surrounded by green and overlooks the Arabian Sea. Here, luxury meets comfort in rooms, the spa, and fine dining.

The Turtle on the Beach resort blends modern style with Kerala’s tradition. It has stunning beach views and great facilities like an infinity pool and spa.

Check out The Leela Kovalam for an awesome experience. Its cliff-top location offers sea views. You’ll enjoy luxury rooms, private pools, and top-notch facilities, including a spa and fitness center.

Experience Unmatched Luxury at 5-Star Resorts in Trivandrum

In Trivandrum’s resorts, you get great rooms and fun activities. You can walk on the beach, try water sports, or relax by the pool.

Indulge in opulence and create cherished memories at the 5-star resorts in Trivandrum.

Book Your Stay at Trivandrum’s Luxury Resorts

Trivandrum’s 5-star resorts promise luxury. Surrounded by beauty, you’ll get attentive service and world-class amenities. They’re perfect for romantic trips, spa retreats, or family vacations.

Enjoy comfort, elegance, and relaxation at these top resorts. Book now for a luxury pampering experience.


Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital, has a wide variety of resorts. You’ll find luxurious stays and budget-friendly spots. Whether it’s a beachfront spot, a 5-star hotel, or a quiet place near the city, these resorts won’t disappoint.

In Trivandrum’s top resorts, pamper yourself with great amenities, top-notch service, and stunning views. Budget-conscious travelers have good options too. They offer a comfy stay without sacrificing quality.

Beach resorts in Trivandrum are perfect for relaxation. They provide easy beach access and various water activities. It’s the best spot for a beachside vacation.

Book your stay at Trivandrum’s finest resorts now. Discover the city’s beauty and calm. Whether you’re solo, with family, or a partner, you’re in for a memorable trip.


What kind of resorts are available in Trivandrum?

In Trivandrum, you can find beautiful resorts to fit any taste. They range from luxury and beach resorts to budget-friendly and 5-star options.

What amenities do the resorts in Trivandrum provide?

They offer comfy rooms, varied dining choices, and infinity pools. You’ll also find fitness centers and water sports facilities.

Can you recommend some luxury resorts in Trivandrum?

Sure! For luxury stays, check out Amrutham Ayurvedic Village Resort and Chakra Ayurvedic Resort. Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa Kovalam, Turtle on the Beach, and The Leela Kovalam are also top picks.

Are there any beach resorts in Trivandrum?

Absolutely. Trivandrum’s beautiful beaches are home to many resorts. Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa Kovalam, Turtle on the Beach, and Poovar Estuary Island Resort offer beach access, stunning Arabian Sea views, and water activities.

Are there any budget-friendly resorts in Trivandrum?

Yes, you’ll find budget-friendly resorts too. Chakra Ayurvedic Resort, Joys Resort Poovar, and Bethsaida Hermitage offer comfortable stays and basic amenities at a good price.

Are there any resorts located near Trivandrum?

There are. Resorts near Trivandrum like Poovar Estuary Island Resort and Bethsaida Hermitage provide easy access to local sights. They offer a peaceful break from city life.

Can you recommend any 5-star resorts in Trivandrum?

Of course! For a lavish experience, Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa Kovalam, Turtle on the Beach, and The Leela Kovalam are among the top 5-star resorts. They offer luxury, outstanding amenities, and excellent service.

Where can I find the best resorts in Trivandrum?

Trivandrum is perfect for resort seekers, with a variety of options. Whether you want luxury, beach views, or budget-friendly choices, you’ll find your perfect resort. Book now and experience Trivandrum’s best!

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