Jaisalmer in December: Top Places to Discover

places to visit in jaisalmer in december

Did you know that Jaisalmer, the golden city of Rajasthan, attracts thousands of tourists in December? It’s a place where enchanting forts, palaces, and the vast Thar Desert come together. This creates a magical experience. During December, the weather is perfect for exploring. It ranges from 10 to 26 degrees Celsius. Looking to see historical landmarks, seek adventure, or try delicious Rajasthani food? Jaisalmer has it all. We’ll guide you through the best places to visit and must-see attractions. Plus, we offer travel tips for your December adventure in Jaisalmer.

Explore the Majestic Forts and Palaces

Jaisalmer Fort, known as Sonar Quila or the Golden Fort, is a must-visit in December. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning views. Wander its narrow lanes and admire the intricate architecture.

Don’t miss the Patwon Ki Haveli. This place is a complex of five inter-connected mansions. It boasts exquisite artwork and ornate balconies that highlight Rajput grandeur.

Experience the Thrill of Desert Safaris

No trip to Jaisalmer is complete without a desert safari. Try camel safaris and dune bashing at Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Dunes in December. Enjoy the breathtaking sunset and spend a night under the stars at desert camps.

Discover the Rich Culture and Heritage

Immerse yourself in Jaisalmer’s vibrant culture at the Desert Culture Centre and Museum. See traditional Rajasthani art, music, dance, and costumes. Check out the Jaisalmer Government Museum and Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum too. They house incredible artifacts.

Unwind at Picturesque Lakes and Parks

Find peace at Gadisar Lake, with its temples and calm surroundings. For wildlife enthusiasts, the Desert National Park is a must. It’s a chance to spot rare desert species.

Jaisalmer in December is a treasure waiting to be explored. Pack your bags for an adventure you won’t forget. Get ready to discover the golden city’s beauty!

Jaisalmer Weather in December

In December, Jaisalmer becomes a perfect spot for visitors. The temperature varies between 10 and 26 degrees Celsius. It’s sunny during the day, letting tourists see the stunning forts and havelis.

The December weather in Jaisalmer is ideal for travel.

Evenings are cool with gentle breezes. This adds beauty to the city at night. Wandering the ancient streets becomes a joy, thanks to the amazing weather. Tourists can admire the city’s fabulous architecture.

December is the best time to discover Jaisalmer Fort, and see the beautiful sandstone buildings. It’s also great for experiencing the local Rajasthani culture. Truly, December is a wonderful month to soak up Jaisalmer’s beauty and heritage.

“The climate in December is perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing. It’s a great time to visit Jaisalmer!” – TripAdvisor

Highlights of Jaisalmer Weather in December:

  • Pleasant temperatures ranging from 10 to 26 degrees Celsius
  • Bright sunshine during the day
  • Chilly breezes during the nights
  • Comfortable climate for exploring forts and havelis

Month Average Temperature (°C) Average Precipitation (mm)
December 10-26 5

Source: Jaisalmer Meteorological Department

Why to Visit Jaisalmer In December?

December is the perfect time to visit Jaisalmer. It has many reasons that make it a great choice for travelers. These reasons cater to different interests and preferences.

1. Pleasant Temperature: Jaisalmer in December has a comfortable climate. The harsh summer heat is gone. This makes exploring and outdoor activities enjoyable.

2. Favorable Climatic Conditions: The weather is ideal with sunny days and cool nights. This perfect balance lets tourists enjoy the city and outdoor adventures.

3. Lakes and Parks: December is a great time to see Jaisalmer’s lakes and parks. The weather is perfect for walks around beautiful Gadisar Lake. It’s also great for enjoying nature at the Desert National Park.

4. Festive Atmosphere: The month is filled with cultural events and celebrations. The Desert Festival shows off Jaisalmer’s rich culture. You can enjoy folk dances, music, and traditional arts.

5. Photography Opportunities: This month, Jaisalmer is perfect for photography. The clear skies and golden light enhance the city’s beauty. Photographers can get amazing shots of forts, dunes, and architecture.

6. Lower Tourist Crowds: December has fewer tourists than the peak season. Visitors can explore without the crowds. This makes for a peaceful and deep experience of the city’s history and culture.

December in Jaisalmer offers many delights. From great weather and festivals to beautiful views and fewer crowds, it promises an unforgettable trip.

reasons to visit Jaisalmer in December

Top Attractions in Jaisalmer
Attraction Description
Jaisalmer Fort A magnificent fort built of yellow sandstone, offering breathtaking views of the city.
Khuri Dunes A pristine desert landscape perfect for camel safaris, dune bashing, and experiencing the vastness of the Thar Desert.
Gadisar Lake A serene lake surrounded by stunning temples and ghats, ideal for boating and enjoying picturesque sunsets.
Desert Culture Centre and Museum An insightful museum showcasing the rich cultural heritage, art, and traditions of Jaisalmer.
Patwon Ki Haveli A cluster of exquisite havelis boasting intricate architecture and beautiful craftsmanship.

What to Wear in Jaisalmer in December?

When you visit Jaisalmer in December, wearing the right clothes is crucial. The weather is mostly nice, with sunny days and cold nights. So, it’s wise to bring warm clothes to keep cozy during your stay.

Here’s what you should pack for a December trip to Jaisalmer:

  • Jackets: A warm, insulated jacket is a must for the cold evenings.
  • Sweaters: Bring several sweaters. Layering up helps you stay warm.
  • Socks and Gloves: Warm socks and gloves are essential for outdoor adventures.
  • Beanies and Caps: Keep your head warm with a beanie or a cap.
  • Scarves: A scarf adds style and extra warmth when it’s chilly.

With these key items, you’ll handle Jaisalmer’s changing temperatures well. You can fully enjoy the city’s sights, even on cold evenings.

winter clothing for Jaisalmer in December

Lakes and Parks in Jaisalmer in December

Jaisalmer is a paradise for nature lovers with its stunning views and rich culture. December is the perfect time to visit, thanks to the pleasant weather and lively tourist scene. The city’s lakes and parks are ideal for those seeking tranquility, birdwatching, or a place to relax.

Gadisar Lake: A Serene Oasis

Gadisar Lake is by the Jaisalmer Fort. It’s a beautiful man-made lake from the 14th century, ringed by ghats, temples, and shrines. It’s a peaceful spot where you can enjoy a day away from the city’s hustle. You can go boating here, getting a close look at the lake’s beauty. Make sure to catch the sunrise or sunset for magical reflections on the water.

Desert National Park: A Wildlife Sanctuary

The Desert National Park is perfect for animal lovers. It covers over 3,162 square kilometers and is full of desert wildlife. In December, look out for the Great Indian Bustard among other migratory birds. A safari or guided tour here lets you see Jaisalmer’s unique nature up close.

Akal Wood Fossil Park: A Step Back in Time

Interested in ancient wonders? Visit the Akal Wood Fossil Park. It’s near Akal village, 18 kilometers from Jaisalmer. The park has fossils from the Jurassic period, showcasing ancient plant life. Walking here, you can admire fossilized trees in a peaceful setting.

In December, Jaisalmer offers serene lakes and lush parks for all visitors. Whether you want a calm day or an exciting wildlife adventure, Jaisalmer’s beauty is unforgettable. So, get ready for an amazing trip and create lasting memories in this magical city.

Desert Safaris in Jaisalmer in December

Jaisalmer, known as the “Golden City,” is famous for its stunning desert safaris. December is the best time to dive into this thrilling adventure.

Camel safaris are a big hit in Jaisalmer. You ride on these majestic animals, moving through the Sam and Khuri sandy dunes. This ride and the endless desert around you make an unforgettable journey.

For thrill-seekers, dune bashing is perfect. You jump into a 4×4 vehicle and skilled drivers take you over the sand hills. It’s a heart-pumping experience as you move through the desert.

Jaisalmer also offers amazing desert camping. You can spend a night under the stars, in the peaceful desert. There are cultural shows, local food, and you get to know the vibrant culture.

Witness the Mesmerizing Beauty

The Jaisalmer desert’s vast view is something you must see. As the sun sets, the sky fills with beautiful colors. Stop to enjoy this view and take pictures to remember forever.

Exploring the desert of Jaisalmer in December is like stepping into a fairy tale. The golden sands, the glittering stars, and the warm hospitality of the locals create an unforgettable experience.

Experience Rajasthan’s rich culture during your desert safari. Enjoy folk dances, music, and fire shows. These cultural activities in the desert setting will amaze you.

December is the ideal time for desert safaris in Jaisalmer. The weather is nice, with daytime temperatures comfy for exploring. Evenings are cool and perfect for relaxing.

Be it a camel ride, dune bashing, or camping, Jaisalmer offers a memorable adventure. Enjoy the desert’s calm, its beauty, and make memories that will last forever.

Museums and Cultural Centers in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, known for its rich history, has many museums and cultural centers. They offer a captivating look into the city’s vibrant past. These places have a treasure trove of artifacts, traditional art, and historical exhibits. They help visitors understand Jaisalmer’s culture and traditions better. A visit to these museums is a must if you’re interested in history or the city’s heritage during your trip to Jaisalmer in December.

Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Centre

The Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Centre is inside the majestic Jaisalmer Fort. It’s an architectural wonder. With artifacts from the medieval era, this museum takes you through Jaisalmer’s royal history. Exhibits range from intricately carved sculptures to exquisite textiles and weapons. Each piece tells a unique story of the city’s glorious past.

Desert Culture Centre and Museum

The Desert Culture Centre and Museum is perfect for art lovers and cultural seekers. It’s near Gadisar Lake. This museum celebrates the artistic heritage of Jaisalmer and its desert area. Visitors can see a wide variety of artwork. This includes paintings, sculptures, and traditional crafts. They all highlight the area’s rich artistic traditions and cultural diversity.

Jaisalmer Government Museum

The Jaisalmer Government Museum is another gem, located in the Maharaja Palace inside Jaisalmer Fort. It showcases archaeological artifacts, ancient coins, and historical documents. These exhibits provide a deep dive into Jaisalmer’s history. The museum also pays homage to local folk traditions. It displays Jaisalmer’s colorful customs, costumes, and musical heritage.

Visiting these museums and cultural centers in Jaisalmer is a deep and enriching experience. It lets you explore the city’s fascinating history and colorful culture. From the grand Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum to the Desert Culture Centre and Museum, each visit is a unique journey through time. These places showcase the historical and artistic brilliance of Jaisalmer, making it a special place to visit.


Jaisalmer in December is amazing for travelers. You can explore forts, palaces, go on desert safaris, and visit cultural centers. The good weather and festive vibes make this city even more inviting.

If you love adventure, history, or just chilling, Jaisalmer’s got you covered. You can check out the Jaisalmer Fort, experience the local culture at the Desert Culture Centre and Museum, or go on a camel safari in the stunning Khuri Dunes.

So, get your trip to Jaisalmer planned. You’re sure to make memories that will last a lifetime in Rajasthan’s golden city.


What are the top places to visit in Jaisalmer in December?

In December, you should visit Jaisalmer Fort and Khuri Dunes. Gadisar Lake and Desert Culture Centre and Museum are also must-sees.

What is the weather like in Jaisalmer in December?

During December, Jaisalmer’s weather is mild, with temperatures between 10 and 26 degrees Celsius. Days are pleasant, but nights can be chilly.

Why should I visit Jaisalmer in December?

December is a perfect time to explore Jaisalmer. The weather is nice, making it great for outdoor fun. The city feels extra charming then.

What clothing should I pack for Jaisalmer in December?

Bring warm clothing like jackets and sweaters. Don’t forget socks, gloves, beanies, caps, and scarves. Nights can get cold.

Which lakes and parks are worth visiting in Jaisalmer in December?

Don’t miss Gadisar Lake and Desert National Park in December. Akal Wood Fossil Park is also worth a visit.

Is December a good time for desert safaris in Jaisalmer?

Definitely, December is ideal for desert safaris in Jaisalmer. Enjoy camel safaris and desert camping at Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Dunes.

What are some must-visit museums and cultural centers in Jaisalmer?

Must-visits include Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Centre. Also, check out the Desert Culture Centre and Museum and Jaisalmer Government Museum.

Why should I visit Jaisalmer in December?

December in Jaisalmer is unforgettable. You’ll love the forts, palaces, desert safaris, and cultural places. It’s packed with memorable activities.

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