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Dhanaulti, nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas, is a breathtaking hill station. It is a haven for travelers who love peace and adventure. Surrender to the quiet away from city noise. The places to visit in Dhanaulti are as inviting as they are varied. Here, tourist spots in Dhanaulti embrace both nature’s beauty and the thrill of discovery.

For those in search of the best places to see in Dhanaulti, the choices are abundant. Each location offers a distinct view and experience. Explore the must-visit places in Dhanaulti for breathtaking mountain views. Dive into adventure at the top tourist destinations in Dhanaulti. Here, every moment is one to remember.

Creating your travel list or exploring without a plan, things to do in Dhanaulti will amaze you. From holy places to green parks, Dhanaulti sightseeing caters to all. Wondering about the popular places in Dhanaulti? This guide will show you hidden gems in this magical hill station.

Embrace Spiritual Bliss at Surkanda Devi Temple

High in the Garhwal Himalayas, the Surkanda Devi Temple stands as a peaceful sanctuary. It’s more than a place to pray. It’s where you can dive into stunning natural beauty. And the views? They truly uplift the soul.

Panoramic Views and Festive Vibes

Climb higher and be rewarded with breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views at Surkanda Devi Temple. The snowy Himalayas and lush Dehradun valley stretch out before you. When Ganga Dusshera arrives, the feeling is magical. People gather, sharing joy and devotion in this spiritual space.

Flora and Fauna in the Abode of the Goddess

The Surkanda Devi Temple is alive with colors and sounds, thanks to its rich biodiversity. Greenery surrounds the temple, a perfect spot for native wildlife. It’s an idyllic place for quiet thought or meditation.

Festivals Celebrated Wildlife Frequently Spotted Floral Species Found
Ganga Dusshera Himalayan Monal Rhododendron
Navratri Leopard Wild Roses
Maha Shivaratri Flying Squirrel Orchids

Discover the Engineering Marvel: Tehri Dam

The prestigious Tehri Dam stands proudly on the Bhagirathi River. It’s known as one of India’s architectural wonders. This massive multi-purpose dam is among the tallest and largest in the country, amazing both engineers and tourists. Made from rock and earth-fill embankment, it is not just a symbol of human skill. It also provides renewable energy and manages water supply efficiently.

This engineering marvel serves as a vital reservoir. It supplies water to cities and supports irrigation systems, helping countless people and ecosystems. It also plays a big role in generating hydroelectricity. This makes it a key part of India’s sustainable energy goals. Visitors are struck by its beauty and its role as a lifeline for millions.

Tehri Dam, a hydroelectric power project

Tehri Dam is a symbol of human determination and innovative thinking. The story of its construction is filled with challenges. These stories highlight the strength and complexity of modern engineering. For those who love nature and human inventions, a visit to this multi-purpose dam is a must. You’ll witness a true engineering marvel.

Key Feature Description Importance
Location On the Bhagirathi River Strategic for water resource management
Function Hydroelectric power, Irrigation, Municipal water supply Crucial for sustainable development and resource distribution
Design Earth and rock-fill embankment Demonstrates advanced engineering practices and resilience
Capacity Massive reservoir and electricity generation capabilities Meets the needs of millions, boosts economy
Tourism Appeal Scenic beauty and technical grandeur Attracts visitors, enhances local tourism

The Tehri Dam is more than a big building. It’s where dreams and achievements meet. It shows how humans and the Bhagirathi River come together in harmony. Whether it’s for its role in providing energy and helping farms, or as a peaceful place for thought and exploration, Tehri Dam is a lasting symbol of progress in India.

Nature’s Playground: The Thrilling Eco Park

Dhanaulti’s Eco Park is more than just a scenic spot. It’s a place for exciting adventure activities. Standing amid the Himalayas, it offers thrills and peace. It’s perfect for those who love adventure and nature.

Adventurous Activities for All Ages

No matter if you love excitement or peaceful nature moments, Dhanaulti Adventure Park has something for you. You can zip through trees on a flying fox or balance on the Burma bridge. It’s fun for all ages. The park shows that adventure is for everyone.

Witness the Splendor of Sunrise and Sunset

Picture the sky changing colors at dawn and dusk at Eco Park. The views of Doon Valley and the Himalayas are stunning. These moments offer peace after a day filled with adventure, letting you take in nature’s beauty.

Activity Experience Best Time
Flying Fox An adrenaline rush while gliding between the treetops. Morning, for clearer skies
Burma Bridge A thrilling challenge that tests your balance and focus. Afternoon, to enjoy the cool breeze
Sunrise Viewing Experience the serenity of the day’s first light over the Himalayas. Early Morning, for the best view
Sunset Viewing Watch the sun set behind the mountains, casting beautiful colors across the sky. Evening, for a picturesque end to the day

The Eco Park is a haven for adventure lovers and peace seekers. It blends thrilling activities with calm moments of sunrise or sunset. This eco-friendly spot showcases the beauty of Dhanaulti’s nature.

Unwind at the Apple Orchard Resort

Escape to the Apple Orchard Resort for peace and natural beauty. It sits in quiet Dhanaulti, welcoming you to relax completely. You’ll find luxury living that cares for nature, thanks to their organic approach.

Comfortable Accommodation at Apple Orchard Resort

Your day begins with fresh mountain air and stunning views of orchards. The resort offers comfortable accommodation to make your stay peaceful and refreshing.

Fresh Produce and Traditional Cuisine

The resort’s gardens are full of fresh produce. This makes every meal a feast of Garhwali culture. Chefs create delicious dishes with the freshest ingredients from their own gardens, celebrating Garhwali cuisine.

Stay Amidst Organic Beauty

Everywhere you look at Apple Orchard Resort is filled with organic beauty. Enjoy the sight of apple trees or find a quiet spot to meditate. Nature isn’t just seen; it’s part of your experience, offering a unique retreat.

Feature Description
Accommodation Type Rooms with orchard views, private balconies, and modern amenities
Cuisine Garhwali dishes utilizing organic produce from resort’s orchard
Activities Orchard tours, nature walks, cultural experiences
Environment A serene setting fostered by sustainable practices and natural beauty

Enjoy bespoke meals, relax in sunny rooms, or explore lush orchards. Apple Orchard Resort combines comfortable accommodation with nature. It’s the perfect place for a refreshing break.

Places to Visit in Dhanaulti: A Tourism Kaleidoscope

Dhanaulti is known for its many tourist spots. It mixes fun and adventure beautifully. The beautiful views are perfect for many activities. These are great for those who love thrills and nature.

Exhilarate Your Senses at Dhanaulti Adventure Park

Enter the Dhanaulti Adventure Park for a rush of excitement. This park is surrounded by nature and is full of adventure sports. Eyes light up here. Dare to try zip-lining and fly above trees or try mountain biking on tough paths. It also calls out to trekking fans to discover new trails.

Stargaze and Relax at Camp Thangdhar

If you’re looking for peace, Camp Thangdhar is the place. Under the stars, stargazing is magical here. It’s a spot to feel close to the universe by a fire. This camp is ideal for those who love camping. You can greet the morning sun and sleep under stars.

Dhanaulti offers both the excitement of adventure sports and the calm of nature. It’s like a colorful kaleidoscope of experiences. From fast-paced zip-lining and mountain biking to calm stargazing and camping. This Uttarakhand treasure shows the beauty of diverse experiences. It invites everyone to find their own adventure.

Step Back in Time at Dashavatar Temple

The Dashavatar Temple is a powerful symbol of India’s ancient spirituality. It’s not just a place for prayer. It’s also home to India’s splendid art from the Gupta period. People are amazed by the detailed sculptures that show the temple’s architectural wonder. The temple holds great religious significance, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It shows the ten forms or ‘avatars’ Lord Vishnu took to come to earth.

Feature Description
Architecture An embodiment of Gupta-era craftsmanship, showcasing detailed carvings and stonework.
Cultural Importance A pivotal site for studying ancient Indian history and religious traditions.
Religious Practices A living centre for worship with rituals and ceremonies that offer a glimpse into Hindu spirituality.
Inscriptions Ancient inscriptions that provide scholars with valuable insights into the languages, scripts, and society during the Gupta period.

The Dashavatar Temple reflects the old artistic and religious beliefs. It guides those who want to learn about Indian gods. This place is both a spiritual journey and a history trip. It invites everyone to walk its ancient halls and uncover stories carved in stone.


Going to Dhanaulti is more than just a trip. It’s a dive into a world full of beauty, peace, and fun. This peaceful place calls you to explore its holy temples. Each one tells a story of faith among the mountains. The sun’s rise and set here fill the sky with bright, beautiful colors.

If you love adventures, Dhanaulti has lots to offer. You can try exciting sports at Eco Park or see the amazing Tehri Dam. In places like the Apple Orchard Resort or under the stars at Camp Thangdhar, you’ll find true peace. These spots offer fun but also a chance to light up your adventurous spirit with views of the Doon Valley.

Dhanaulti is a mix of history, spirituality, and nature’s best. It invites you to make memories you’ll always hold dear. Whether you’re looking for peace or excitement, this hill station has something for everyone. Come explore Dhanaulti’s magic and let its beauty touch your heart.


What are the top attractions in Dhanaulti that I must visit?

You must see Surkanda Devi Temple, Tehri Dam, and Eco Park. Don’t miss Apple Orchard Resort, Dhanaulti Adventure Park, Camp Thangdhar, and Dashavatar Temple.

What can I expect at Surkanda Devi Temple?

Surkanda Devi Temple gives you amazing views of the Garhwal area and snowy Himalayas. It’s beautiful during the Ganga Dusshera Festival. The area is full of green plants and colorful flowers, attracting many birds and animals.

How is Tehri Dam significant?

Tehri Dam is among the biggest dams in India. It provides water for farms, drinking, and makes electricity. It’s a marvel of engineering and a beautiful place for visitors.

What can I do at the Eco Park in Dhanaulti?

Eco Park is fun for everyone. You can try adventurous activities like flying fox and burma bridge. Or, enjoy walks among Deodar, Oak, and Rhododendron trees. It’s also great for watching sunrises and sunsets.

What makes the Apple Orchard Resort special?

Apple Orchard Resort is a unique getaway. It’s surrounded by natural beauty and has its own orchard. The restaurant serves tasty Garhwali food from fresh produce. You’ll find comfy places to stay and relax in peace.

What are some other popular places to visit in Dhanaulti?

Don’t miss Dhanaulti Adventure Park for exciting sports like zip-lining and mountain biking. Camp Thangdhar is perfect for stargazing and chilling in nature. Check out the ancient Dashavatar Temple too.

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