10 Romantic Things to Do in Dubai for Couples

things to do in dubai for couples

What was once a barren land has now flourished into a thriving metropolitan city. Yes, we are talking about the stunning city of Dubai. Attracting over 14.36 million visitors from all over the globe, this place has turned itself into a habitat for tourism, commerce and trade. And with the high number of footfalls, Dubai is also attracting a particular type of crowd – the honeymooners. Newly married couples are flocking to celebrate their union in this grand city, making it one of the best and most visited places on Earth. It is without wonder that there are innumerable things to do in Dubai for couples and in this article, we are about to list down all of our suggestions that can turn your vacation into memories of a lifetime!

Desert Safari

Let’s start with the most obvious yet the most sensational choice among the things to do in Dubai for couples — desert safari. Imagine, you and the love of your life enjoying the finest and frankly a romantic ride in the heart of desert, away from the city. This is the adventure you will get to enjoy when you select a heart-pounding adventure on a 4×4 vehicle. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you and your partner rush down sand dunes with highly skilled experts leading the way.

Desert safaris are not only limited to the adrenaline pumped travel adventure; it is often followed by a relaxed itinerary along with a royal treatment. As the sun descends and colors the sky with a spectacular orange hue, you and your partner are treated to a magical view of the vast desert panorama. Following the sand dune ride on powerful vehicles, tourists are treated to a traditional Arabian hospitality, followed by a Bedouin-style camp stay. From dance performances to traditional Arabian music to a diverse BBQ dinner under the starry sky, you and your better half will get to relish in the royal hospitality of Dubai.

For more romantic experiences, these desert safaris are often customized with exclusive camel rides, private safaris and camp options, making it an ideal pick for the romantics.

Cultural Exploration

Visit the historic district of Al Fahidi for a glimpse of the rich culture of Dubai with traditional courtyard houses (also known as wind towers). This adventure is a walk down the lanes of history to a time when Dubai used to be a community of fishing and pearl-diving villagers.

  • The other culturally significant and must visit location is the Dubai Museum inside the iconic Al Fahidi Fort which houses the history of the city of Emirates. 
  • Visit the gold and spice souk markets to observe and indulge in a variety of precious jewelry and aroma of exotic spices.
  • Enjoy the contemporary Middle Eastern art at the Dubai Opera or pay a visit to the Dubai’s cultural hub Alserkal Avenue to truly admire the artistic expressions associated with the city.

Dhow Dinner Cruise

The traditional wooden dhow cruises are a big part of Dubai’s tourism culture with the management offering romantic dinner cruise services which are a ‘must try’ for couples visiting the city. Gliding along the Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina, this experience gives couples the view of the city’s iconic Arabian coastal skyline.

Romantic Things to Do in Dubai for Couples

Couples get to experience everything from cozy ambience to an extravagant buffet dinner, packed with delicious cuisines from all over the globe, while listening to exotic and traditional Arabic music. Apart from the diverse dinner options and lantern lit romantic setting, many cruises are known to provide live Tanoura dance performances that display the cultural richness of Dubai. This incredibly intimate night out in Dubai is going to cement your bond further, making this a must in the to do list for couples visiting the city. Also, you should go on dinner date on one of the rooftops bars in dubai.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Now that we have covered the desert and the sea, our next suggestion will help tourists reach new heights of romance with a hot air balloon ride across Dubai’s stunning landscape. Get a view of dunes and oases along with the panoramic display of the skyline from the sky as you and your better half create new memories, guaranteed to last forever. This intimate journey across the sky allows travelers to enjoy and stand witness to the grand Arabian landscape and enjoy its true rugged beauty. Enjoy your time together with aerial snaps and create memories of a lifetime!

Many such services also come with exclusive experiences such as complimentary private flights and/or champagne filled brunch services post landing which are luxurious add ons for couples who wish to celebrate shared moments or past memories.

Private Beach Experience

Who does not like a little time away from the world to enjoy romantic moments with their partner? Dubai serves as the ideal destination for couples who wish to embrace each other’s company by escaping from the hustle bustle of the world. Known for its pristine beaches attached to beachfront resorts, the city of Emirates offers couples many romantic options.

Whether you and your sweetheart wish to spend a leisure day sunbathing or engage in adventurous water activities, Dubai has you covered, making this one of the best things to do in Dubai for couples.

Look for resorts along the coast of Jumeirah Beach or Palm Jumeirah which provide exclusive access to private beaches. Unwind and relax in a secluded cabana, sipping refreshing drinks, all the while enjoying efficient personalized services, followed by a couple’s massages.

A blend of luxury and timeless charm, that is how one can describe the city of Dubai. Being the heart of the United Arab Emirates, this city offers a multitude of options for its tourists. No matter the type of vacation you are looking for, the city has a lot to offer. So pack your bags, grab your partner, and experience a romantic escapade today!


What are some romantic activities for couples to enjoy in Dubai?

There are plenty of romantic activities for couples to enjoy in Dubai. Some popular options include dinner cruises in Dubai Marina, hot air balloon rides over the Dubai Desert, sunset cruises to Burj Khalifa, and desert safaris with barbecue.

What is a dinner cruise in Dubai Marina?

A dinner cruise in Dubai Marina is a romantic experience where couples can enjoy a delicious 3-course buffet dinner while sailing through the beautiful Dubai Marina. The cruise offers stunning views of the illuminated city skyline, as well as traditional storytelling performances and the option to dine in luxurious, air-conditioned lower decks or on the open upper deck.

What is a hot air balloon ride over the Dubai Desert?

A hot air balloon ride over the Dubai Desert is a romantic adventure where couples can witness the stunning sunrise while floating above the golden sand dunes. The ride offers breathtaking views of the desert and the city skyline, creating a magical experience. It usually lasts about an hour and includes breakfast and refreshments before and after the flight.

What makes Dubai a great destination for couples?

Dubai is a great destination for couples due to its vibrant nightlife, romantic restaurants, and stunning attractions. It offers a wide range of couple-friendly activities, from adventurous desert safaris to luxurious dinner cruises. Whether you prefer adventure or relaxation, Dubai has something to offer every couple.


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