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Did you know Bangalore has a special way to dine under the stars? You can enjoy your meal high up in the sky. This idea is getting popular with food lovers who want thrill. It’s like having a feast while hanging in the air, with amazing sights all around.

Looking for a unique way to celebrate, or just a fun dining experience? Sky dining in India is unmatched. It began in Bangalore and has spread to cities like Kolkata, Goa, Noida, and Lucknow. These places offer great food with stunning views from above.

Let’s uncover the best spots for sky dining in India. Join us on this high-flying culinary journey.

The Hanging Restaurant in Bangalore

Bangalore introduced the unique idea of dining in the sky, with a hanging restaurant. Guests can enjoy an exceptional meal while floating 120 feet above the ground.

The hanging restaurant focuses on safety and comfort. The seats are arranged to keep diners safe. It can host 22 guests and some staff, offering a cozy and private atmosphere.

Diners can enjoy this place from 4.30 PM to 8.30 PM. There are different times for mocktails and dinner. You can book a spot online or call the restaurant directly.

The cost varies by the day. Mocktails start at 3999 Rupees, and dinner at 6999 Rupees. Kids can join if they’re taller than 135 cm.

Don’t miss out on the unique chance to eat high in the sky in Bangalore!

Restaurant Name Location Height Capacity Price Range (Rupees)
The Hanging Restaurant Bangalore 120 feet 22 guests Mocktail sessions: 3999
Dinner sessions: 6999

Hanging Restaurants in India – Biswa Bangla Restaurant, Kolkata

Biswa Bangla Restaurant in Kolkata stands out as a top hanging restaurant. It’s located in the city’s heart, hanging 55 meters up. This place can seat 72 people and gives a 360-degree city view.

Getting in is possible only from 7 PM to 10 PM, making it very private. It’s made from tough glass and silicone sheets. This design keeps everyone safe, no matter the weather.

They offer various dining options. You can choose from two time slots, 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM or 09:00 PM to 10:30 PM. For a quick bite, there’s a cafeteria. They also have a buffet. It costs 500 Rupees per person.

At Biswa Bangla Restaurant, enjoy amazing food and stunning views. It’s perfect for any special day or just for a great meal. This place is truly a unique experience.

hanging restaurants in India

Location Details:

Address: XYZ Street, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Contact: +91 1234567890

Restaurant Features Dining Options Timing Price (per person)
Hanging Restaurant Fine Dining, Cafeteria 07:00 PM – 08:30 PM, 09:00 PM – 10:30 PM Buffet: 500 Rupees

Flydining in Goa and Noida

Want a dining experience that’s out of the ordinary in Goa or Noida? Flydining is your answer. It offers experiences in both Goa and Noida that elevate your meal times. Literally!

In Goa, imagine eating your meal atop the stunning Anjuna cliff, hanging in the air. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the sky any time of day. The adventure happens at the NYEX Beach Club, where a crane lifts 22 people into the air.

Noida’s Flydining is just as exciting, suspending you 160 feet high. You get to see the city from above while you eat. With room for 24 people, it’s perfect for gatherings. And the view is unforgettable.

Both locations in Goa and Noida focus on keeping diners safe. They follow strict safety measures. Looking for an adventurous meal? Try Flydining in Goa or Noida.

Sky Dining in Lucknow

The city of Lucknow has a new dining spot called Sky Dining. It’s a unique kind of restaurant that’s high up in the air. At 160 feet, you can see the city like never before while eating.

At Sky Dining Lucknow, there’s a choice of times to eat, like lunch, dinner or when the sun sets. No matter what you’re in the mood for, this place has it. It’s perfect for any event or craving.

The menu at Sky Dining Lucknow is full of tasty options. There are dishes for vegetarians and meat-lovers. You get 30 to 60 minutes to eat and take in the views.

Safety is taken seriously at Sky Dining Lucknow. It uses secure ropes, seat belts, and a crane that’s been checked for safety. Guests can enjoy their meal without worrying.

To mark its opening, Sky Dining Lucknow is giving a special deal. They’re taking 500 Rupees off all items. It’s a great chance to try out this unique dining experience for less.

If you’re after a meal with great food, stunning views, and a thrill, Sky Dining Lucknow is the place. It’s an unforgettable dining adventure.

Sky Dining Lucknow

Restaurant Features Details
Location Suspended at a height of 160 feet, offering panoramic views of the Lucknow skyline
Dining Sessions Lunch, sunset sessions, and dinner
Menu Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, with meals lasting from 30 minutes to 1 hour
Safety Measures Implementation of ropes, seat belts, and a thoroughly tested crane
Inaugural Discount 500 Rupees off on all products


Sky dining in India gives you a thrilling meal with amazing views. You can pick from places like the hanging restaurant in Bangalore, Biswa Bangla in Kolkata, and others. Each spot offers something special.

At these high-up dining spots, safety is a top priority. You get to enjoy breathtaking views while having delicious meals. They offer dishes for everyone, whether you eat meat or not.

If you love adventures and tasty food, check out India’s sky dining. It’s a unique way to enjoy food. These places promise an unforgettable dining adventure up in the sky.


What is sky dining?

Sky dining lets you eat your meals high in the air. It offers great views and a fun, thrilling setting.

Where is the hanging restaurant in Bangalore located?

It’s near Nagawara Lake and Manyata Park. You can see beautiful views from there.

How high is the hanging restaurant in Bangalore?

This restaurant hangs 120 feet above ground. It gives you a unique way to dine.

How many people can the hanging restaurant in Bangalore accommodate?

Up to 22 guests can eat there, along with some of the restaurant staff.

What are the timings for dining sessions at the hanging restaurant in Bangalore?

You can dine there from 4.30 PM to 8.30 PM. They offer both mocktail and dinner sessions.

How can I make a reservation at the hanging restaurant in Bangalore?

Book online or call the restaurant’s management to make a reservation.

What is the cost of dining at the hanging restaurant in Bangalore?

Prices change for weekdays and weekends. Mocktail sessions start at 3999 Rupees, dinner at 6999 Rupees.

Are there any age restrictions for dining at the hanging restaurant in Bangalore?

No specific age limit, but kids need to be at least 135 cm tall for safety.

Where is Biswa Bangla Restaurant located?

Biswa Bangla Restaurant is in Kolkata. It’s a famous hanging restaurant there.

How high is Biswa Bangla Restaurant?

It hangs 55 meters high. This provides a full view of Kolkata.

What are the timings for dining sessions at Biswa Bangla Restaurant?

Open from 7 PM to 10 PM. It’s for diners only during these hours.

How many people can Biswa Bangla Restaurant accommodate?

It can fit up to 72 people, offering plenty of space.

What safety measures are in place at Biswa Bangla Restaurant?

It uses tough glass and silicone sheets. These materials help stand up to harsh weather and keep diners safe.

Where can I experience Flydining in Goa?

Flydining is offered at the Anjuna cliff in Goa. Enjoy meals in the air with great views.

How many people can the Flydining experience in Goa accommodate?

Up to 22 people can enjoy this special dining experience.

What dining sessions are available for Flydining in Goa?

They have breakfast, lunch, sundowner, and dinner. This lets diners enjoy meals at different times.

Where can I experience Flydining in Noida?

Flydining in Noida brings you 160 feet up. You’ll see all around the city from there.

How many people can the Flydining experience in Noida accommodate?

It has room for up to 24 people, making it a unique outing.

Where is the newly opened Sky Dining in Lucknow located?

The new spot is 160 feet up. It shows off views of the Lucknow skyline.

What dining options are available at Sky Dining in Lucknow?

They offer lunch, sunset sessions, and dinner. You can pick when you want to go.

Is the Sky Dining in Lucknow vegetarian-friendly?

Yes, they have both veg and non-veg options available.

Are safety measures in place at Sky Dining in Lucknow?

Yes, they use ropes, seat belts, and a tested crane for everyone’s safety.

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