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national parks in greece

Did you know Greece has some of the world’s most stunning national parks? They feature majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, and ancient sights. These places offer an unmatched experience for all who love nature.

Greece’s national parks are full of life and amazing views. They are perfect for those seeking adventure or wanting to connect with nature. You can climb the mythical Mount Olympus, see diverse wildlife at Prespa National Park, or explore the gorges of Vikos-Aoos.

Start planning your trip now to see Greece’s amazing natural sites. You will find gorgeous parks full of biodiversity and ecological wonders. Enjoy the best trails, spot wildlife, and visit cultural spots in Greece’s national parks.

Once you visit, you’ll see why these national parks are considered nature’s treasures. So, get your backpack ready, put on your hiking boots, and prepare for an unforgettable journey.

Mount Olympus National Park

Mount Olympus National Park was set up in 1938. It’s located at the mythical home of the Greek Gods. Spanning 193 square miles, the park is beautiful and important for culture and archaeology. It’s a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a top bird watching spot in Europe.

Over 1,700 plant species and more than 50 peaks make the park their home. You might see a golden eagle flying overhead! Deer, foxes, and wild boars wander in the forests and meadows. Birds like the peregrine falcon and European honey buzzard are also here.

Mount Olympus is a dream for those who love adventures. Its trails and climbing spots offer challenges. The “E4 European Path” leads to Mytikas peak, the mountain’s highest point. Hikers can see stunning landscapes and the Aegean Sea along the way.

Dion, an ancient city devoted to Zeus, lies within the park. It’s a well-kept archaeological site full of history and Greek mythology. Temples and ancient paths take visitors back in time, showing the area’s rich past.

Flora and Fauna in Mount Olympus National Park

The park supports various plant and animal species because of its diverse ecosystem. Here are some notable examples:


Plant Species Common Name
Paeonia peregrina Peregrine peony
Festuca parnassica Parnassus fescue
Centaurea lactucifolia Lactuca centaury
Campanula pyramidalis Pyramidal bellflower


Animal Species Common Name
Ursus arctos Brown bear
Capra aegagrus Wild goat
Gypaetus barbatus Bearded vulture
Lynx lynx Eurasian lynx

“Mount Olympus National Park is not only a natural gem but also a living testament to Greek mythology and history. The breathtaking landscapes, diverse flora, and the enchanting presence of wildlife make it a must-visit destination for both nature lovers and history enthusiasts.” – John Johnson, Travel Enthusiast

Prespa National Park

Prespa National Park was set up in 1974 and is a true treasure in Greece’s Prespa region. It has beautiful lakes, Mikri Prespa and Megali Prespa, with a rich past shared by Greece, Albania, and North Macedonia. The park is a paradise for nature lovers. It has a wide variety of plants and animals. This makes it one of Greece’s key spots for biodiversity.

Bird lovers adore Prespa National Park for a good reason. The park is a home for over 260 bird kinds. This includes the majestic Dalmatian pelican. In fact, it has the biggest group of these pelicans in the world. This is a breathtaking sight. Birdwatchers can lose themselves for hours here. They enjoy the park’s beauty and wide range of birds.

But birds aren’t the only special thing about Prespa National Park. It is also home to other incredible animals. Brown bears, wolves, and wild pigs live here. They add to the park’s charm. Nature fans get the chance to see these animals in the wild.

Prespa National Park is not just about watching wildlife. It gives visitors a way to feel close to nature and dive into the area’s rich natural world. The park has trails that let people see its lovely landscapes. They can find secret spots as they go. There are many things to do here, like hiking, having a picnic, or just relaxing by the lakes. These activities make it a great place to visit.

Prespa National Park

A Glimpse of Prespa’s Biodiversity

Flora Fauna
Willow, poplar, and oak trees Brown bears
Water lilies and orchids Wolves
Lavender and thyme Wild pigs

Prespa National Park shows the natural beauty Greece offers. The park is amazing with its lovely lakes, rich wildlife, and beautiful scenery. It truly deserves to be one of Greece’s valued parks. It’s perfect for birdwatchers, animal lovers, or anyone wanting a break from daily life. Prespa National Park is a place you should surely visit.

Pindus National Park

Pindus National Park was established in 1966 in the northeastern Pindus mountains near West Macedonia. It spans over 17,120 acres and features stunning landscapes. These include mountain lakes, fresh springs, and thick forests teeming with wildlife.

The park is known for its wide range of animals. These include wildcats, lynx, otters, and more than 80 types of birds. It’s perfect for those who love nature and birdwatching, offering many chances to see wildlife.

“Pindus National Park is a sanctuary for both rare and common wildlife species, coexisting harmoniously within its protected boundaries. It is truly a testament to Greece’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage.” – Wildlife Conservation Society

The park is especially famous for its Eurasian bears. This shy creature finds a safe home here, making the park a rare spot in Greece to see them in the wild.

For adventure seekers, the park has many hiking trails. They range in difficulty, suitable for both experts and novices. You can climb Mavrovouni peak or visit the nearby climbing resort.

Exploring Pindus National Park lets you experience its incredible wildlife and landscapes. It stands out as a beautiful part of Greece.

Nature and Wildlife in Pindus National Park

Here, you’ll find a rich mix of plants and animals. Some wildlife you might see includes:

  • Wildcats
  • Lynx
  • Otters
  • Over 80 bird species

Seeing these animals and birds in their natural setting is exciting. Bird fans will love the variety of species living in the park.

Exploring Valia Kalda

Valia Kalda is a stunning part of Pindus National Park. It boasts old forests, clear streams, and beautiful scenery. It’s a perfect place for nature lovers looking for peace.

Valia Kalda

Discover Valia Kalda’s quiet beauty and rich biodiversity. Enjoy a walk through ancient woods, breathe the clean mountain air, and listen to nature’s calming sounds.

Whether you’re into hiking, birdwatching, or just want to relax in nature, Valia Kalda is a must-see in Pindus National Park.

Vikos Aoos National Park

Vikos-Aoos National Park is in northwestern Greece, Epirus. It covers over 12,600 hectares. You’ll find gorges, canyons, clear lakes, streams, and forests. The park is famous for the Vikos Gorge, one of the world’s deepest.

The park is home to diverse wildlife. You might see wolves, brown bears, deer, and birds. It’s thrilling for visitors.

Vikos-Aoos has many outdoor activities. Hikers can follow trails through rugged lands with beautiful views. Climbers will find steep cliffs and rock formations.

This image displays Vikos-Aoos National Park’s untouched natural beauty. See towering cliffs, dense woods, and the Voidomatis River’s vibrant turquoise waters.

Mountain bikers can enjoy the park’s trails. Boating and kayaking offer peaceful nature connections.

The park is also a UNESCO Geopark. It has unique rocks and ancient fossils. This shows its rich geological past.

Exploring the beauty of Vikos-Aoos National Park

Vikos-Aoos’s wild beauty is mesmerizing. Hiking here, you’re surrounded by cliffs and greenery. It feels awe-inspiring. Every step shows something new, like waterfalls or lakes. It’s a chance to disconnect and enjoy nature’s peace.

Whether you seek adventure or love nature, Vikos-Aoos National Park is unforgettable. Explore this natural wonder and make lasting memories.

Parnitha National Park

Parnitha National Park was created in 1961 and is near Athens, about 30 kilometers away. It spans over 61,776 acres. This park is perfect for those who love nature. It has a rich variety of birds, stunning views, and historical sites.

The park is famous for its birds. Birdwatchers come from everywhere to see them. You might see eagles or colorful songbirds. So, keep your binoculars handy while you walk through the forests. You’ll get to see these birds up close in their own world.

But there’s more to the park than birds. It’s full of history. For example, the Tatoi Palace is here. It was a summer spot for the Greek royal family. You can explore the palace and see its amazing architecture for yourself.

There’s also the Monastery of Kleiston, from the 11th century. It has ancient frescoes and a peaceful vibe. Walking through, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Adventure lovers can have fun here too. There are trails for hiking, mountain biking, and places for rock climbing. These activities offer breath-taking views of Athens and the mountains. It’s an exciting way to see the park.

No matter what you like, Parnitha National Park has something for you. It’s full of life, history, and adventure. All of this is just a short trip from Athens. So, come and explore the diverse birds, historical sites, and exciting activities.

Zakynthos National Marine Park

Established in 1999, the Zakynthos National Marine Park is located in Zakynthos’ southern part. It covers 52 square miles. This park works hard to protect endangered species, especially the loggerhead sea turtle.

The park is a crucial nesting site for the loggerhead turtle in Europe. Some years, it witnesses up to 1,300 nests. Zakynthos’ sandy beaches offer a perfect spot for these turtles to lay their eggs. This helps their species to keep surviving.

Besides the loggerhead turtle, the park is home to dolphins, other turtle species, and many birds. Snorkeling here lets you see the park’s wonderful marine life in clear waters.

Visiting the Zakynthos National Marine Park lets you see the beauty and fragile nature of these endangered species in the wild. It teaches us about the value of protecting nature and responsible travel.

On underwater tours, you get a closer look at marine ecosystems. You learn from experts about saving these endangered animals. They also share how we’re trying to preserve them for the future.

Explore Zakynthos National Marine Park Highlights:

  • Snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the marine park.
  • Admire the magnificent loggerhead sea turtles up close.
  • Join guided tours to learn about conservation efforts.
  • Spot dolphins and other marine life species.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking coastal scenery of Zakynthos.

If you love nature, wildlife, or unique adventures, visiting Zakynthos National Marine Park will be memorable. Dive in, see the underwater world, and help save these endangered species.


Greece is a beautiful country known for its national parks. These parks let you see its natural beauty and diverse ecosystems. You can visit Mount Olympus, where the Greek Gods are said to have lived. There’s also the serene Prespa National Park and the stunning Vikos-Aoos National Park.

If you love hiking, wildlife, or just want to see Greece’s natural and cultural heritage, these parks are perfect. They have beautiful landscapes, lots of animals and plants, and many outdoor activities. It’s a great adventure waiting for you.

It’s time to plan your visit to see Greece’s gorgeous national parks. You can find hidden trails, see rare animals, and look at natural wonders. These parks give you a chance to be with nature and make memories. Don’t miss exploring Greece’s natural beauty and starting an amazing journey.


Are the national parks in Greece easily accessible?

Yes, Greece’s national parks are easy to get to. You can use a car or public transport. Some parks have parking or shuttle services.

What activities can I do in Greece’s national parks?

You can enjoy hiking, climbing, birdwatching, and wildlife spotting. There’s also camping, boating, kayaking, and exploring historical sites.

Are there accommodations available in the national parks?

Yes, there are places to stay like shelters, camps, and lodges. These are available for visitors to stay overnight.

Can I visit the national parks in Greece all year round?

National parks in Greece welcome visitors all year. But, activities and access can change with the seasons. Always check the park’s website before your visit.

Are there guided tours available in the national parks?

Guided tours are offered in some parks. They provide insights into the park’s history, plants, animals, and protection efforts.

Are there entrance fees for the national parks in Greece?

Some parks may charge a small fee. This money helps with conservation and upkeep. It helps keep the parks beautiful for everyone.

Can I bring my pet to the national parks in Greece?

Pets are usually not allowed to protect wildlife and balance the ecosystem. It’s best to leave pets at home or find care for them.

Are there visitor centers or information points in the national parks?

Many parks have visitor centers. Here, you can get maps, brochures, and info on park trails, sights, and rules.

Are there any restrictions or rules to follow in the national parks?

Parks have rules to protect their natural beauty. Stick to trails, don’t litter, don’t pick plants or disturb animals, and follow all park guidelines.

How can I contribute to the conservation of Greece’s national parks?

Be a mindful visitor to help conserve these parks. Follow rules, stay on trails, clean up trash, and don’t disturb animals. Support local conservation groups too.

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