Mauritius Honeymoon Guide: Romantic Escapes

mauritius honeymoon guide

Mauritius is a top choice for honeymooners worldwide. Its stunning landscapes, blue waters, and posh resorts make it perfect for lovebirds. It’s a paradise for a romantic retreat.

We’ll show you Mauritius’ best spots, amazing resorts, and romantic things to do. Dream of lounging on beautiful beaches, going on exciting adventures, or enjoying luxury spa days? Mauritius offers all these experiences and more.

Planning an unforgettable honeymoon? Mauritius is your go-to destination. Follow this guide to make special memories in this island paradise.

Best Places to Visit in Mauritius for Honeymoon

Mauritius is a honeymoon paradise. It features beautiful beaches and romantic adventures. Couples can enjoy intimate dinners or exciting water sports. Here are top spots for honeymooners in Mauritius:

  1. Tamarin Beach: It’s surrounded by beautiful scenery. Known for great surfing spots and lovely sunsets. A wonderful place for couples to spend time together.
  2. Flic en Flac Beach: A dream for those who love snorkeling. Its clear waters are home to many sea creatures. Take romantic walks or relax on its sandy beaches.
  3. Poste Lafayette Beach: Ideal for couples wanting quiet and privacy. Explore its peaceful coves or try kayaking together.
  4. Grand Bay Public Beach: Perfect for yacht and fishing enthusiasts. Enjoy a yacht trip or fish together amidst beautiful views.
  5. Blue Bay Beach: A center for water sports. Enjoy yachting, windsurfing, snorkeling, and diving in its blue waters.

These amazing beaches provide a variety of activities. Couples can create lasting memories together here.

Make the Moment Special

Picture a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach. Hear the soft waves and see the starry sky. Mauritius has the ideal setting for unforgettable moments. For magic, consider this:

“Mauritius beaches are unique. They’re a perfect setting for creating lasting memories. Whether sunbathing or trying water sports, honeymooners will find their paradise here.”

Mauritius enchants with its natural beauty and activities. It promises honeymooners a memorable experience. Next, we’ll look at top honeymoon resorts in Mauritius. They offer luxury and comfort for couples.

Honeymoon Resorts in Mauritius

Finding the perfect resort for your honeymoon is key to a great experience. Mauritius has many luxury resorts just for honeymooners. Here are some of the best honeymoon resorts in Mauritius:

  1. Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel in the north: This resort is special because of its cliff-top infinity pools and romantic love nests. It gives couples a private and close setting for their honeymoon.
  2. Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort in the south: This resort sits on a beautiful white sandy beach. It has stunning views, many water sports, and a top-notch golf course. It’s perfect for couples who want both adventure and relaxation.
  3. Constance Le Prince Maurice on the east coast: Known for its amazing over-water villas and top service, this resort offers luxury. Couples can enjoy Mauritius’s beauty in private and comfort.

Each resort has its own special features and experiences. They make sure honeymooners have a stay they’ll never forget. Whether you like cliffs and pools, beach adventures, or villas on the water, Mauritius has the right resort for you.

“Mauritius is famous for its luxury resorts. They give couples a romantic place for their honeymoon. With cliff-top pools and villas over water, these resorts offer private, excellent service and stunning views.”

For an easy look at the top honeymoon resorts in Mauritius, check the table below:

Resort Location Features
Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel North Cliff-top infinity pools, romantic love nests
Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort South White sandy beach, water sports, world-class golf course
Constance Le Prince Maurice East Over-water villas, impeccable service

Romantic Activities in Mauritius

Mauritius is not just about relaxing on the beaches. It’s full of romantic activities. Indulge and make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Swimming with dolphins at Tamarin Bay

Swimming with dolphins at Tamarin Bay is a top activity in Mauritius. Spend a few hours swimming with these majestic creatures. Seeing dolphins in their natural habitat is magical.

Scuba diving at Grand Baie

Go scuba diving at Grand Baie to explore the Indian Ocean. See colorful coral reefs and marine life with your partner. Together, experience the beauty beneath the surface and feel closer to each other and nature.

Catamaran cruise at sunset

Take a catamaran cruise at sunset. Sail through Mauritius’s crystal-clear waters. Enjoy the sea breeze, stunning views, and the setting sun’s golden hues.

The romantic atmosphere is perfect for relaxing and cherishing moments together.

Underwater scooter ride at Trou aux Biches

Try an underwater scooter ride at Trou aux Biches for a unique adventure. Ride through the underwater world with your loved one. This exhilarating activity lets you explore marine life together in a fun way.

Helicopter ride near Le Morne Brabant

Experience a helicopter ride near Le Morne Brabant. Witness the mesmerizing underwater waterfall illusion. The breathtaking views create wonder and make your honeymoon extraordinary.

Horse riding at Domaine de L’Etoile

Enjoy horse riding at Domaine de L’Etoile. This vast nature reserve offers scenic rides. Admire the lush greenery, rolling hills, and views. It’s a serene way to connect with nature and each other.

Romantic Activities in Mauritius

Experience these romantic activities in Mauritius to create lifelong honeymoon memories. From swimming with dolphins to breathtaking views, Mauritius has something special for every couple.

Must-See Attractions for Honeymooners in Mauritius

Mauritius isn’t just about stunning beaches. There are also amazing attractions for honeymooners. These places are sure to give you and your partner memories to cherish forever.

1. Chamarel Waterfall

The Chamarel Waterfall, in the island’s southern part, is a sight to behold. Go on a hike to see the beauty of this waterfall up close, surrounded by nature. It’s a peaceful place, perfect for sharing tender moments.

2. The Seven Coloured Earth

See nature’s magic at The Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel. The sand dunes here show seven different colors, like red, brown, and even purple. This stunning sight is something you won’t forget.

3. Grand Bassin Lake (Ganga Talao)

Discover the spiritual side of Mauritius at Grand Bassin Lake or Ganga Talao. This sacred lake, set amongst high mountains, is a peaceful spot. Walking by its side, you’ll feel a sense of calm.

4. Port Louis

Don’t miss exploring Port Louis, the heart of Mauritius. This city mixes French-style buildings, history, and modern vibes. You can stroll, check out Le Caudan Waterfront, visit museums, and shop at lively markets. It’s perfect for couples looking for adventure.

Attraction Description
Chamarel Waterfall A stunning cascading waterfall surrounded by lush greenery in the south of Mauritius.
The Seven Coloured Earth A unique natural phenomenon where the sand dunes display seven different colors.
Grand Bassin Lake (Ganga Talao) A sacred lake surrounded by beautiful mountains, offering a peaceful and spiritual experience.
Port Louis The vibrant capital city of Mauritius, known for its French architecture, museums, and bustling markets.

Must-See Attractions for Honeymooners in Mauritius

On your honeymoon in Mauritius, make sure to visit these attractions. They’ll help you make lasting memories with your partner.

Luxury Honeymoon Experiences in Mauritius

Mauritius is a dream place for couples looking for a luxury honeymoon. It offers unforgettable experiences like lavish spa treatments and private romantic dinners on the beach. This magical island is perfect for creating romantic and luxurious memories.

One top experience in Mauritius is a relaxing spa therapy. Feel at peace as skilled therapists pamper you with massages and beauty treatments. The Four Seasons Resort at Anahita is famous for its excellent spa. It’s a place to unwind in lush gardens.

Imagine dining under the stars with the sea whispering beside you. In Mauritius, you can have beachside dinners where chefs serve delicious food. Enjoy a private candlelit dinner on the beach with gourmet food, fine wines, and stunning views.

“A honeymoon in Mauritius is an opportunity to create lasting memories and celebrate love in the lap of luxury.”

For a unique romantic experience, stay in a Bubble Lodge. These eco-friendly lodges are in Mauritius’s beautiful nature. You’ll have privacy, peace, and amazing natural views.

Mauritian cuisine is a must-try during your luxury honeymoon. The island’s food includes fresh seafood and rich spices. You can enjoy meals on the beach or under the stars, making every dinner special.

Your Mauritius honeymoon is a chance to make special memories. Enjoy spa treatments, private dinners, stays in Bubble Lodges, and the local cuisine. This tropical paradise will make your honeymoon dreams come true.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Mauritius

Searching for the ultimate honeymoon spot in Mauritius? You’ve found it! This island paradise has the most romantic places for lovebirds. From breathtaking views to private island getaways, Mauritius checks all boxes. Let’s dive into the top honeymoon destinations in Mauritius:

1. Cap Malheureux

Known for its picturesque views, Cap Malheureux is a must-visit destination for honeymooners. It’s in the north of Mauritius. This village has beautiful beaches and clear waters. Couples can stroll on the beach or have dinner by candlelight. You’ll see a stunning sunset here. Don’t miss out on taking photos at the famous Cape Malheureux Church. It makes the place even more special.

2. Le Morne Brabant

For couples seeking panoramic views and secluded spots, Le Morne Brabant is the perfect choice. It’s located in the south of Mauritius. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It offers amazing landscapes. Hike the mountain together for incredible views of the Indian Ocean. Look for hidden coves for a private picnic or to just enjoy the area’s beauty. Le Morne Brabant is truly magical.

3. Ile aux Cerfs

If you’re looking for a private island escape, Ile aux Cerfs is the ideal honeymoon destination. This island is near the east coast of Mauritius. It’s a haven for couples. Relax on beautiful beaches, swim in blue waters, and have lunch by the beach. Enjoy a walk on the shoreline or explore the green island. Ile aux Cerfs offers a serene space to make lasting memories together.

Experience the charm of these top honeymoon spots in Mauritius. Cap Malheureux, Le Morne Brabant, or Ile aux Cerfs will make your honeymoon wonderful. Start your life’s new chapter amidst the beauty of Mauritius.


Mauritius is the ideal spot for a honeymoon filled with love and excitement. It offers beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and activities for all tastes. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters, soft white sands, and breathtaking views for memorable times.

Try a soothing spa day at the Four Seasons Resort at Anahita, or taste the local cuisine by the sea. Go swimming with dolphins, try scuba diving, or just wander along the stunning beaches. Don’t miss the Chamarel Waterfall and the Seven Coloured Earth. Discover the charms of Port Louis too.

Mauritius is known for its friendly people and wonderful honeymoon spots. Plan your dream trip to Mauritius for an experience filled with love. Whether you want peace, adventure, or a mix of both, Mauritius is waiting to make your honeymoon unforgettable.


Is Mauritius a good destination for a honeymoon?

Yes, Mauritius is an amazing pick for a honeymoon. With beautiful clear waters and white sand beaches, it’s magical. Luxurious resorts add to the perfect romantic atmosphere.

What are the best places to visit in Mauritius for a honeymoon?

For honeymoons, visit Tamarin Beach and Flic en Flac Beach. Poste Lafayette Beach, Grand Bay Public Beach, and Blue Bay Beach are also stunning.

What are the top honeymoon resorts in Mauritius?

Top resorts include Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel and Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort. Constance Le Prince Maurice is another excellent choice.

What are some romantic activities to enjoy in Mauritius?

Couples love swimming with dolphins at Tamarin Bay and scuba diving at Grand Baie. Enjoy a sunset catamaran cruise. Horse riding at Domaine de L’Etoile is romantic too.

What are must-see attractions for honeymooners in Mauritius?

Don’t miss the Chamarel Waterfall and the Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel. Grand Bassin Lake and Port Louis are also worth visiting.

What luxury honeymoon experiences are available in Mauritius?

Enjoy spa therapies at Four Seasons Resort at Anahita. Private beachside candlelit dinners are truly special. Stay in a unique Bubble Lodge for a memorable experience.

What are the top honeymoon destinations in Mauritius?

Don’t miss Cap Malheureux, Le Morne Brabant, and Ile aux Cerfs. They are among the top destinations for honeymooners in Mauritius.

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