Experience Festivals in Finland – A Cultural Tour

festivals in finland

Did you know Finland has over 500 festivals each year? They range from ancient traditions to modern music and arts. This makes Finland a prime spot for anyone interested in culture, music, or looking for unique experiences.

Plan your visit to Finland and dive into its festive culture. You can enjoy events like the Midsummer and Christmas celebrations. Also, don’t miss the Flow Festival and Kaustinen Folk Music Festival. Each one highlights Finland’s traditions and creativity.

In the summer, Finnish festivals are full of life. You can enjoy music, dance, and a happy vibe. Experience the Midnight Sun, see the Northern Lights, and soak in Finland’s cultural shows.

Midsummer Festival – Celebrating the Summer Solstice

The Midsummer Festival, also known as Juhannus, happens between June 20th and 26th. It marks the summer solstice, showing Finland’s rich culture.

Finns celebrate Midsummer with age-old traditions. One main custom is lighting bonfires near water. This act is believed to keep evil spirits away and bring good summer.

Also, people hang birch branches on doors for luck and fertility. They look into wells to see their future spouse’s face. And they pick flowers and birch leaves to make wreaths.

“The Midsummer Festival, or Juhannus, is a time for Finns to come together, celebrate traditions, and enjoy the enchanting summer season.”

The festival is full of celebration and fun. Music and dance fill the air as concerts are held. The Finnish flag waves high, honoring the country’s independence day.

Experiencing the festival in Finland is unique because of the midnight sun. Near the Arctic Circle, nights are super short. This adds to the festival’s magical feel.

Join the Midsummer Festival for a peek into Finnish life. Dance near the bonfire and marvel at the midnight sun. Feel the happiness that this special celebration brings.

Christmas and New Year – Festive Celebrations in Finland

Christmas and New Year in Finland bring joy and celebration. The fun starts on Christmas Eve and lasts for 13 days. You can shop for unique gifts or enjoy traditional sweets and gingerbreads.

The holiday traditions are a big part of Finnish culture. Families come together, exchange gifts, and share a special meal with ham, salmon, and tasty desserts. The streets glow with beautiful lights, making everything look magical for everyone.

“Christmas in Finland is a time to cherish loved ones and create lasting memories. The warmth and coziness of this season are truly enchanting.” – Finnish local

One special part of New Year in Finland is seeing the Northern Lights. Finland’s spot near the Arctic Circle makes it perfect for this. At midnight, the sky fills with fireworks, showing off a mix of colors.

Northern Lights

You can visit Helsinki or the beautiful Lapland during this season. Finland offers unique experiences like ice skating, snowboarding, and husky sledding amid festive cheer.

Experience the Magic of Christmas and New Year in Finland:

  • Explore the traditional Christmas markets and find unique gifts for your loved ones.
  • Indulge in Finnish delicacies like gingerbread cookies, mulled wine, and joulutorttu (Christmas pastries).
  • Join in the local customs and traditions, such as the lighting of Advent candles and visiting sauna on Christmas Eve.
  • Take part in outdoor winter activities such as skiing, ice fishing, or enjoying a reindeer sleigh ride.
  • Witness the breathtaking Northern Lights and celebrate the arrival of the New Year with fireworks.

Finland offers peaceful nature retreats and lively city experiences during the holidays. Dive into Finnish traditions, enjoy the festivities, and make unforgettable memories in this beautiful Nordic country.

Why Choose Finland for Christmas and New Year? Key Highlights
Magical atmosphere – Beautifully decorated streets
– Cozy and warm celebrations
Unique traditions – Exchanging gifts and sharing meals
– Visiting saunas on Christmas Eve
Northern Lights – Spectacular natural phenomenon
– Breathtaking displays of colors
Winter activities – Skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing
– Husky sledding and reindeer rides
Festive celebrations – Christmas markets and shopping
– Fireworks and vibrant New Year celebrations

Flow Festival – A Celebration of Music and Arts

The Flow Festival in Helsinki is famous for its mix of music and arts. Artists from various genres and places come to perform. This event lasts for three days and attracts many fans of music and art.

At the Flow Festival, you’re not just listening to music. You can also see art exhibitions, movies, and more. It’s a place where art forms merge, creating a vibrant cultural scene.

In the past, big names like The Black Keys and Kanye West have performed here. Bon Iver and Kendrick Lamar have also taken the stage. Their shows are some of the unforgettable highlights of the festival.

Flow Festival

The festival is right in the middle of Helsinki. It combines music, art, and the city in a unique way. The venue, once industrial, becomes a lively, beautiful spot for this event.

If you love music or art, or just want to experience something amazing, the Flow Festival is for you. It brings together people with a love for music and arts. It’s a place to dive into a world of creativity.

Key Highlights of the Flow Festival:

  • A diverse lineup of artists from different genres and nationalities
  • Visual arts exhibitions and installations
  • Urban spaces transformed into vibrant venues
  • Film screenings and cinematic experiences
  • An immersive and creative atmosphere

Be part of the Flow Festival’s enchanting mix of music, arts, and urban charm. It’s a chance to celebrate creativity and lose yourself in a cultural feast.

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival – A Paradise for Metal Fans

The Tuska Open Air Metal Festival is a yearly metal music fest in Helsinki, Finland. It’s known for amazing shows and a passionate crowd. It’s one of the biggest and most loved metal festivals in the country.

Every year, fans from Finland and worldwide come to Tuska Open Air. They come to see legendary shows by top names in metal. The lineup includes Finnish and international metal bands, offering a mix of music.

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“Tuska Open Air Metal Festival is the top spot for metalheads. The energy and passion are unmatched. You feel the music and connect with fans who love metal just like you. It’s a unique experience!”

– Metal fan

The festival isn’t just about music. There’s more for attendees to enjoy. You’ll find merch stands, autograph sessions, and tasty metal-inspired food. There’s always something to do between the music sets.

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Tuska Open Air Metal Festival Highlights:

  • Powerful shows by famous Finnish bands like Amorphis, Nightwish, and Insomnium
  • Big international names like Slayer, Slipknot, and Iron Maiden on stage
  • A welcoming atmosphere where fans celebrate their love for metal together
  • Lots of food and drink choices, from classic fare to metal-themed treats
  • A market with a huge selection of band merch, clothes, and memorabilia
Year Attendance Headlining Acts
2018 40,000 Ghost, Children Of Bodom, Opeth
2019 42,500 Slayer, Behemoth, Stam1na
2020 Canceled

Whether you’re a huge metal fan or just curious, Tuska Open Air Metal Festival is a must-see. It’s a heaven for metal enthusiasts, where you’ll find great music and friendship. So, mark your calendars for an unforgettable weekend of headbanging!

Midnight Sun Film Festival – A Unique Cinematic Experience

The Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankyla takes place in the second week of June. Known as the Midnight Sun Film Festival, it draws film lovers globally.

It presents a wide array of international films and Finnish movies. The festival runs for five days and nights. Thanks to the midnight sun phenomenon, screenings continue under the endless sunlight, making the setting magical.

Famous directors like Roger Corman, Terry Gilliam, and Francis Ford Coppola have attended. They’ve celebrated film’s art with fans at this annual cultural highlight.

Previous Guests at the Midnight Sun Film Festival:

Filmmaker Nationality
Roger Corman American
Terry Gilliam British
Francis Ford Coppola American

Key highlights of the Midnight Sun Film Festival:

  • An exceptional selection of international films and Finnish cinema
  • Continuous film screenings around the clock
  • Presence of esteemed filmmakers from around the world

Kaustinen Folk Music Festival – A Celebration of Folk Music

The Kaustinen Folk Music Festival is a week-long celebration of music and dance. It’s the biggest folk music event in the Nordic countries. The town of Kaustinen welcomes artists from everywhere. They bring their music skills and share the beauty of folk music with everyone.

At the festival, both skilled and hobbyist musicians perform. This creates a lively atmosphere filled with traditional folk music. You’ll hear everything from fast-paced dances to touching songs. The festival has something for everyone, whether you’re a big fan or new to folk music.

“The Kaustinen Folk Music Festival is a testament to the enduring power of traditional music and its ability to bring people together. It’s a celebration of cultural heritage and a showcase of incredible talent.” – Attendee

During the festival, there are many workshops where you can learn to play instruments, dance, or join music sessions. These activities let attendees dive into folk music. You get to learn directly from talented musicians.

The festival also has a marketplace with stalls selling crafts, instruments, and local foods. It’s a chance to buy Finnish crafts and help local artists.

Experience the Heart and Soul of Folk Music

The Kaustinen Folk Music Festival is a great cultural gathering. Here, music fans celebrate folk music’s rich traditions. You might tap your feet, dance, or just enjoy the scene. This festival takes you into the heart of Finnish folk music.

Don’t miss this amazing folk music celebration in Finland. Visit the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival. Let the melodies, rhythms, and the friendly music community mesmerize you.


Finland is known for its many festivals which highlight the country’s rich culture and traditions. No matter if you love music, art, or are keen on learning about Finnish customs, these events are not to be missed. Festivals like the Midsummer and Christmas celebrations, the Flow Festival, and the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival offer something for everyone.

These events are more than just fun. They let you dive into Finland’s cultural heritage. You will see traditional practices, try local foods, and enjoy performances by famous artists. These festivals are a great way to see Finland’s arts, music, and traditions all in one place.

Imagine watching bonfires at the Midsummer Festival or the Northern Lights at Christmas. Or feel the beat at the Flow Festival and enjoy folk tunes at the Kaustinen Festival. Each of these experiences will leave you amazed. Join the celebration of Finnish culture at these festivals.


What are some popular festivals in Finland?

A: Finland has many well-known festivals. People enjoy the Midsummer Festival, Christmas, and New Year. The Flow Festival, Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, Midnight Sun Film Festival, and Kaustinen Folk Music Festival are also popular.

When is the Midsummer Festival celebrated in Finland?

People celebrate the Midsummer Festival, or Juhannus, on a Saturday. This happens between June 20th and 26th.

What activities and traditions are associated with the Midsummer Festival?

During Midsummer Festival, tradition includes lighting bonfires by lakes and seas. People also hang birch branches on doors. They follow customs like looking into wells or collecting flowers.

What can I expect during Christmas and New Year celebrations in Finland?

Christmas and New Year in Finland are times of fun. People shop and eat traditional sweets. They enjoy winter sports.New Year’s brings a chance to see the Northern Lights and fireworks.

What is the Flow Festival in Helsinki?

The Flow Festival in Helsinki celebrates music and arts. It features different genres and cultures. There are music performances, art shows, and film screenings.

What is the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival?

The Tuska Open Air Metal Festival is a major metal event in Finland, held in Helsinki. It attracts a large audience. Prominent metal bands from Finland and globally perform here.

When is the Midnight Sun Film Festival held and what makes it unique?

The Midnight Sun Film Festival takes place in Sodankyla during June’s second week. It’s special because films play non-stop for five days. This can happen because the sun never sets at this time.

What is the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival known for?

The Kaustinen Folk Music Festival is top in Nordic countries for folk music and dance. It’s held in Kaustinen. The event draws artists worldwide to perform traditional folk music.

Why should I attend festivals in Finland?

Festivals in Finland let you explore the nation’s cultural richness. There’s a mix of traditional and modern events. From the Midsummer Festival to the Flow Festival and Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, there’s much to enjoy and learn.

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