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best things to do in seychelles

Seychelles is a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean with 115 islands. This beautiful place has a lot of amazing experiences for those who love beaches and water. It’s a natural playground with stunning sandy beaches and clear waters.

Are you a fan of the sun, adventure, or delicious food? If so, Seychelles is perfect for you. Get ready for the journey of a lifetime. We’re going to show you the top things to do in Seychelles that will make unforgettable memories.

Explore incredible beaches, travel back in time at La Digue, and discover secret waterfalls in Praslin. You can also visit amazing viewpoints, taste local dishes, snorkel in colorful coral reefs, and see the world’s heaviest seed. Seychelles has a wide variety of attractions that will amaze you.

Let’s dive into the wonders of Seychelles together. We’ll show you the best things to do in this amazing place.

Go Back in Time – La Digue

La Digue island is a must-visit spot in Seychelles. It’s unique because there are no cars or paved roads. This makes it feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

The beauty of the island is untouched and stunning. It’s a place where time seems to pause, giving you a peaceful experience.

Anse Source D’Argent beach is a major highlight of La Digue. It’s famous for its white sands and clear turquoise waters. This beach is often called one of the world’s most beautiful.

Exploring the island on a bike allows you to see the breathtaking views. It’s a peaceful way to enjoy this paradise.

The Veuve Nature Reserve is another must. This reserve is where you might see the rare Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher. This bird is critically endangered and unique to the area.

Walking through the reserve, you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery and various animals. Keep an eye out for the rare bird—it’s a special sight.

“La Digue offers a glimpse into a simpler way of life, where nature is in charge and calm is everywhere. It’s perfect for stepping away from the busy world and enjoying nature’s beauty.”

Must-See Highlights in La Digue:

  • Anse Source D’Argent – A paradise beach with breathtaking views
  • Veuve Nature Reserve – Home to the rare Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher
  • Anse Coco – A secluded and serene beach

How to Get There:

Getting to La Digue is simple with a short ferry from Mahe. The ferry runs often, so it’s easy to find a ride to this beautiful island.

Transportation Duration Cost
Ferry 1 hour $50
Helicopter 15 minutes $300

Find a Secret Waterfall – Praslin

Praslin island in Seychelles is famous for its beautiful beaches. It’s a great spot for exploring other islands. A hidden spot, Praslin Waterfall, is near the UNESCO site Vallée De Mai. This secluded waterfall is breathtaking.

To start this magical journey, hike from the park entrance. Surround yourself with lush nature on your way. The sounds of the water and the smell of tropical plants lead you to a tranquil pool. This spot is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view.

Nearby, you’ll find Vallée De Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This ancient palm forest is home to the incredible Coco de Mer, which grows the world’s heaviest seed. Walk through serene paths, see tall palm trees, and spot the Seychelles Black Parrot. This rare bird lives only on this island.

“Discover the hidden waterfall amidst Praslin’s natural splendor and immerse yourself in the beauty of Vallée De Mai, a UNESCO site.”

Praslin Waterfall and Vallée De Mai are a break from busy beaches. They let you connect with Seychelles’ untouched nature. Don’t miss this hidden wonder. Experience the peace of this secluded paradise.

Praslin Waterfall – The Hidden Gem Vallée De Mai – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Experience a secluded and stunning waterfall amidst Praslin’s natural beauty. Explore Vallée De Mai, home to the legendary Coco de Mer and the Seychelles Black Parrot.
Take a short hike from the park entrance to reach the waterfall. Immerse yourself in the serene pathways of Vallée De Mai’s ancient palm forest.
Relax by the turquoise pool at the base of the waterfall. Spot the rare and endangered Seychelles Black Parrot.

Visit Another Country

Grand Fond, known locally as Zimbabwe, is not technically another country. Yet, it offers stunning views in Praslin Island’s northeast. Its highest point showcases Anse Possession and Curieuse Island beautifully. By renting a car, you can drive up and enjoy the amazing views.

If you love nature or beautiful views, you must visit Grand Fond. The drive up has winding roads that build excitement. Once at the top, breathtaking panoramic views await you.

Picture yourself on a hilltop, surrounded by greenery and the vast blue ocean. You can see Praslin Island’s coastline stretching into the distance. This awe-inspiring sight shows nature’s beauty and leaves you feeling humbled.

Take time to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and take memorable photos. The blue sky, shimmering ocean, and greenery create a perfect scene.

Looking out, you may see Anse Possession and Curieuse Island. These spots are famous for their beaches and marine life. If adventurous, plan a visit to explore their beauty first-hand.

panoramic views

Grand Fond also provides a peek into local life. You’ll meet friendly locals and learn about their culture.

For a unique experience that combines stunning scenery, culture, and adventure, visit Grand Fond in Zimbabwe. It’s a trip you won’t forget!

Eat like a Local

When you visit Seychelles, trying local food is a key experience. Dine at the creole takeaways across the islands to experience true flavors and culture. These spots are hidden gems, offering great value. They serve authentic Seychellois dishes that you’ll want more of.

Creole takeaways let you enjoy tasty seafood curries, aromatic lamb stews, and savory rice dishes. The mix of spices and local ingredients create flavors that take your taste buds on a journey. It’s like entering a whole new world of food.

Looking for top spots? Don’t miss some standout creole takeaways in Seychelles. Gala, on La Digue island, serves seafood with a creole twist. There, you can feast while admiring ocean views and the island’s beauty.

Breeze, in Grand Anse, is another must-visit spot. This place is known for big portions of Seychellois food, like fish curries and grilled seafood. It’s a perfect spot to fill up after exploring the island.

For a cozy dining experience, try Coco Rouge in Baie St Anne. This eatery serves delicious meals in a friendly setting. Taste their signature octopus or bat curry. It’s a way to explore the unique tastes Seychelles offers.

Tasting the local cuisine at creole takeaways is crucial to your Seychelles trip. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds and enjoy the real flavors of this tropical paradise.

Experience a Different World

Snorkeling in Seychelles is an unforgettable adventure. The waters are crystal clear and full of life. You’ll be amazed by the underwater beauty that awaits.

snorkeling in Seychelles

Praslin Island has many great snorkeling spots. They are perfect for all skill levels. This means everyone can enjoy the incredible sea life below.

Discover Anse La Blague

Anse La Blague is perfect for beginners. Its calm, shallow waters make learning to snorkel easy. Put on your gear and explore the beautiful coral and fish.

Explore Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio offers more to see underwater. This beach has larger fish and stunning corals. Dive in and watch the fish swim through the coral gardens.

Embark on a Snorkeling Adventure to St Pierre Island

For an ultimate snorkeling trip, visit St Pierre Island. It’s unspoiled and full of marine life. The clear waters and vibrant corals will enchant you.

Snorkeling in Seychelles is a wonderful way to connect with nature. You can explore Anse La Blague, Anse Lazio, or St Pierre Island. Any choice will leave you with precious memories.

Find the world’s heaviest (and sexiest!) seed

Vallée De Mai, a UNESCO heritage site in Seychelles, is a nature reserve that holds extraordinary plants. Among these is the noteworthy Coco de Mer palm tree. It gives us the world’s heaviest seed, tipping the scales at up to 30 kilograms.

But the Coco de Mer seed’s allure goes beyond its weight. Its shape has sparked much interest as well. The male and female parts of the seed resemble human reproductive organs. This has given it the nickname, “the world’s sexiest seed.”

Visiting Vallée De Mai lets you see the amazing Coco de Mer palms and their large seeds. It’s a paradise for nature lovers, nestled in the heart of Seychelles’ unique flora and fauna. As you walk through, look out for the rare Seychelles Black Parrot. This endangered bird calls Vallée De Mai home.

Experience the Wonder of Vallée De Mai

Vallée De Mai is a haven showcasing Seychelles’ natural beauty. Wander through ancient palm forests. Marvel at the tall palms. Hear the soft sound of leaves in the breeze. Take in the serene atmosphere and learn about the area’s unique plants and animals.

Don’t miss out on a guided tour or a chat with a knowledgeable local guide. They offer insights on the Coco de Mer palms and their ecosystem. Explore the paths, enjoy the clean air, and fall in love with this beautiful place.

“Vallée De Mai is a true gem of Seychelles, offering a glimpse into a world unlike any other. The Coco de Mer palm trees and their extraordinary seeds are a testament to the incredible diversity and beauty of nature.”

– Local guide at Vallée De Mai

For anyone interested in nature, curious explorers, or those seeking unique adventures, Vallée De Mai is a must-visit. Experience the marvel of the world’s heaviest (and sexiest!) seed. Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Seychelles.

Attraction Description
Coco de Mer The world’s heaviest seed, distinctive in shape.
Vallée De Mai A UNESCO heritage site and nature reserve in Seychelles.
Seychelles Black Parrot An endangered bird species found in Vallée De Mai.
Nature Reserve Preserves the unique flora and fauna of Seychelles.


Seychelles is a paradise that has something for everyone. You can relax on beautiful beaches or go snorkeling in clear waters. You might explore La Digue or find secret waterfalls in Praslin.

This place is also great for diving into the local food scene. Try delicious fish curries and lamb stews at creole takeaways. Also, make sure to see the Coco de Mer palms in Vallée De Mai. It’s a UNESCO site with the world’s heaviest seed.

No matter what kind of traveler you are, Seychelles won’t disappoint. Its beaches, marine life, and natural wonders are truly special. So, book your trip to Seychelles for an unforgettable adventure.


What are the top activities in Seychelles?

Seychelles is known for its beautiful beaches and clear waters. Don’t miss snorkeling, and visiting La Digue Island. There are also secret waterfalls in Praslin to discover. Try eating like a local at creole takeaways. The Vallée De Mai nature reserve is a must-see too.

What can I do on La Digue?

La Digue offers a chance to step back in time. Visit the stunning beaches of Anse Source D’Argent and Anse Coco. Also, make sure to see the rare Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher at Veuve Nature Reserve.

Where can I find a secret waterfall in Praslin?

In Praslin, a hidden waterfall awaits near Vallée De Mai. It’s a secluded spot, offering a stunning view. A short hike from the park entrance will get you there. It’s a hidden gem worth visiting.

How can I visit another country in Seychelles?

Grand Fond gives you the feeling of being in another country. It’s known locally as Zimbabwe. The highest point on the island, it overlooks Anse Possession and Curieuse Island. Drive up to enjoy the view.

Where can I eat like a local in Seychelles?

For Creole cuisine, try the local creole takeaways. They offer tasty dishes like fish curries and lamb stews. Check out Gala in La Digue, Breeze in Grand Anse, and Coco Rouge in Baie St Anne for authentic food.

What are the best spots for snorkeling in Seychelles?

Seychelles has top snorkeling spots for everyone. Try Anse La Blague for a start, Anse Lazio for big fish, and St Pierre Island for an amazing experience. These places are great for both new and experienced snorkelers.

Where can I find the famous Coco de Mer palms?

You’ll find the Coco de Mer palms in Vallée De Mai, a UNESCO site. This reserve is also home to the unique Coco de Mer tree with the world’s heaviest seed. Discover these unique palms and maybe see the endangered Seychelles Black Parrot.

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