Top Beaches Near Orlando for Your Sunshine Retreat

beaches near orlando

Just a short distance from Orlando, Florida, lies a world filled with sun, surf, and quiet beauty. These beaches offer everything from peaceful, sandy stretches to lively boardwalks. Perfect for a day trip from Orlando. Whether you’re after a family vacation spot or a quiet beach, this guide to Orlando’s nearby beaches is for you. It reveals the best places for both adventure seekers and those wanting to relax.

Orlando’s beaches are varied, each offering a unique escape. Picture the sunrise over Orlando’s best beaches, with soft waves setting a peaceful backdrop. The ocean’s call is strong here, with warm welcomes at every shore. Considering a break from theme parks? These mesmerizing coastal views are just a short trip away, waiting to enchant you.

The tapestry of Orlando beach destinations is rich and diverse, offering an escape for every taste. Imagine the golden sunrise illuminating the top beaches near Orlando, where the soundtrack of gentle waves cradles your spirit. The call of the ocean is undeniable, and these coastal havens deliver an embrace as warm as the sun’s rays. So if you’re pondering a sojourn from the thrill rides to the tide’s edge, let this be your window to the spellbinding seascapes that await just beyond the city’s shimmer.

Cocoa Beach: Surfing and Space Rockets a Short Drive Away

Cocoa Beach is just an hour from Orlando’s theme parks. It’s known for its calm beaches and as a spot for fun in the sun. But it’s more than that. It’s where you can surf big waves and watch rockets launch into space. For a day of beach fun and learning, head to Cocoa Beach.

The Charm of Cocoa Beach Pier

The Cocoa Beach Pier stretches out into the Atlantic. It’s full of life and offers a warm welcome. As you walk the boardwalk, you’ll find tasty food, music, and unique shops. The Pier is where everyone gathers, and it’s the best spot to start surfing adventures.

Surf’s Up: Lessons and Waves

Beginners and expert surfers will love Cocoa Beach. You can take surf lessons, no matter your skill level. Instructors are ready to help you ride the waves. And sometimes, you might see a rocket launch as you surf!

Dining by the Ocean

Enjoying a meal by the sea makes a beach day perfect. Cocoa Beach has great places to eat right by the ocean. You can try the freshest seafood while enjoying the sea breeze. From fancy to casual eating, there’s something for everyone.

  • Experience the coastal charm with a walk down Cocoa Beach Pier
  • Catch the perfect wave or learn to surf with professional surf lessons
  • Relish beachside dining that offers a taste of the local culture

Clearwater Beach: White Sands and Sunset Celebrations

Explore the beauty of Clearwater Beach, a top spot in Florida, not far from Orlando. It’s famous for its white sands shining in the sunlight, creating a perfect spot for ocean lovers. The calm, turquoise sea invites everyone to swim or just relax, mixing fun with peace.

Clearwater Beach Scenic View

The charm of Clearwater Beach is more than just a beach day. As evening arrives, sunset celebrations enchant visitors. Pier 60 becomes a lively place with performers, live music, and local artisans. This event shows off Clearwater’s love for happy get-togethers.

Whether drawn by the white sands or excited for the sunset celebrations, Clearwater Beach will make your trip unforgettable. Here are some highlights you’ll find:

  • Walk on the stunning white sands that soothe your feet
  • Swim in the inviting waves and enjoy the tranquil waters
  • Experience the joy of the sunset celebrations with the community
  • Discover amazing street performances, local arts, and tasty foods
  • See the breathtaking transition from day to night at dusk
Activity Description Location
Morning Beach Walks Start your day with a peaceful walk on the beach, enjoying the quiet and the soft morning light. Northern End of Clearwater Beach
Water Sports Try exciting water sports like paddleboarding, parasailing, and jet-skiing for a thrill. Clearwater Beach Marina
Sunset Cinema Watch free movies outdoors on special nights, great for both families and couples. Sunsets at Pier 60

In short, Clearwater Beach offers more than just a beach day. It’s a blend of joy and scenic beauty. The white sands create lasting memories, while the sunset celebrations show nature’s beauty and human joy. Plan a trip to Clearwater Beach and see its magic for yourself.

Daytona Beach: Where Speed Meets the Sea

Daytona Beach stands out with its mix of fast-paced fun and beach relaxation. Here, the sound of racing engines and calming waves come together. It’s a perfect place for both excitement lovers and those looking to unwind.

Daytona Beach Activities

Drive on the Beach Experience

The drive-on-the-beach tradition in Daytona Beach is unique. It blends the thrill of speed with the beauty of the sea. Driving on the sand, you’ll feel a special connection with the environment. It’s an exhilarating experience for many.

Fishing and Water Adventures

Daytona Beach is full of fishing and water sport chances. You can go deep-sea fishing or enjoy a peaceful time fishing from the shore. It’s a great place for family and friends to try jet-skiing, parasailing, and paddleboarding together.

Beachside Dining with a Race View

Dining by the beach in Daytona is a must-do activity. Restaurants offer tasty meals with views of the Daytona International Speedway. Imagine eating as you watch the fast-paced action of speed races.

Activity Description Location
Drive-on Beach Access A chance to drive your vehicle on the hard-packed sand of Daytona’s expansive beach. Designated areas along Daytona Beach shoreline
Fishing Charters Private and group excursions into the Atlantic for deep-sea fishing adventures. Marinas across Daytona Beach
Beachside Restaurants Gourmet dining experiences with a view of racing events at the nearby speedway. Various spots within proximity to Daytona International Speedway

New Smyrna Beach: Natural Beauty and Water Sports

A short drive from Orlando’s theme parks, you’ll find the peaceful New Smyrna Beach. This place isn’t just beautiful to look at but also a haven for water sports fans. It combines nature’s tranquility with the excitement of water adventures. You’ll love the calm vibe but also the thrilling call of the waves. Surfers find the perfect waves here. So, New Smyrna Beach stands out as a beach destination. It’s known for its natural scenery and ocean fun.

Boardwalk Bites and Oceanfront Feasts

Walking on the lively boardwalk, delicious snacks and meals await. You’ll find everything from simple treats to fancy meals by the ocean. Each spot offers meals that capture the spirit of New Smyrna Beach. Food lovers will enjoy fresh local seafood and diverse flavors. Eating outside here means enjoying your meal with the sound of waves in the background.

Kayak and Paddleboard through Indian River Lagoon

New Smyrna Beach is perfect for exploring Indian River Lagoon’s protected waters. By paddleboard or kayak, see mangroves and abundant marine life. You might see manatees or dolphins. Whether you’re experienced or new to water sports, this experience is both calming and exciting. This is what makes New Smyrna Beach special for its natural beauty and water activities.


What are the top beaches near Orlando?

The top beaches near Orlando include Cocoa Beach, Clearwater Beach, Daytona Beach, and New Smyrna Beach.

What is Cocoa Beach known for?

Cocoa Beach is famous for surfing. It’s also close to the Kennedy Space Center.

What can I do at Cocoa Beach Pier?

At Cocoa Beach Pier, you can explore a lively boardwalk. It has restaurants, shops, and fun activities.

Can I take surf lessons at Cocoa Beach?

Yes, Cocoa Beach is perfect for learning to surf. You can also enjoy catching waves at different surf spots.

Are there dining options at Cocoa Beach?

Yes, Cocoa Beach has many beachside places to eat. They offer fresh seafood and beautiful ocean views.

What is Clearwater Beach known for?

Clearwater Beach is famous for its white sand and amazing sunsets.

Can I swim at Clearwater Beach?

Yes, the waters at Clearwater Beach are calm and clear. It’s great for swimming and sunbathing.

What can I experience at Pier 60 in Clearwater Beach?

Pier 60 in Clearwater Beach hosts daily sunset celebrations. These include street artists, live music, and local shops.

What is Daytona Beach known for?

Daytona Beach is famous for its beautiful beaches and racing history.

Can I drive on the beach at Daytona Beach?

Yes, Daytona Beach offers a special experience of driving on the beach.

What fishing opportunities are available at Daytona Beach?

Daytona Beach is great for fishing. You can go deep-sea fishing or enjoy casual fishing.

Are there beachside restaurants with views of the Daytona International Speedway?

Yes, some restaurants by the beach overlook Daytona International Speedway. They offer great food with a side of racing excitement.

What can I do at New Smyrna Beach?

New Smyrna Beach is great for nature and water sports. It has top-notch surfing spots.

Are there dining options along the boardwalk in New Smyrna Beach?

Yes, at New Smyrna Beach, you can enjoy food on the boardwalk and meals with ocean views at various places.

Can I go kayaking or paddleboarding at New Smyrna Beach?

Yes, kayaking and paddleboarding at New Smyrna Beach lets you see manatees, dolphins, and wildlife up close in the Indian River Lagoon.

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