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Did you know that Mauritius is home to some of the most breathtaking photography spots in the world? From stunning white sand beaches to mesmerizing underwater waterfalls, the island offers a myriad of opportunities for photographers to capture the magic of its landscapes and culture. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, exploring the scenic places to photograph in Mauritius will leave you in awe.

With its diverse wildlife, crystal-clear lagoons, and vibrant culture, Mauritius provides the perfect backdrop for your photography adventures. In this photography guide, we will take you on a journey through the top photography locations in Mauritius, showcasing must-visit spots that will inspire and ignite your creativity. From Le Morne Brabant with its panoramic views to the picturesque Cap Malheureux Church and Beach, each destination offers a unique and captivating experience for photographers.

Whether you’re seeking awe-inspiring nature shots or stunning cultural landmarks, our guide will help you navigate the best photo spots in Mauritius. Learn how to capture the perfect sunset, experiment with smartphone photography tips, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the island. Get ready to explore the scenic wonders of Mauritius and capture moments that will last a lifetime.

Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant is a UNESCO Heritage Site located on the southwestern tip of Mauritius. It offers panoramic views of the island, thanks to its majestic mountain rising over 500 meters above the sea. The area also features the unique phenomenon of the Mauritius underwater waterfall, an optical illusion created by the currents. Nearby, the Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark showcases naturally colored sand in layers of red, brown, violet, green, purple, blue, and yellow. These locations provide stunning opportunities for landscape photography.

The Majestic Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant stands as a testament to the natural beauty of Mauritius. This iconic mountain dominates the landscape, offering visitors a breathtaking view of the island in all its splendor. With its towering height and rugged cliffs, Le Morne Brabant is a photographer’s paradise, providing a stunning backdrop for capturing the essence of Mauritius.

“Le Morne Brabant is a must-visit for any photography enthusiast seeking to capture the raw beauty of Mauritius.” – Travel & Photography Magazine

The Enigmatic Underwater Waterfall

One of the most fascinating natural wonders of Mauritius is the underwater waterfall at Le Morne Brabant. Although an optical illusion created by the movement of sand and silt, this mesmerizing spectacle appears as a cascading waterfall beneath the turquoise waters. It’s an incredible sight to behold and a fantastic opportunity for photographers to capture a truly unique image.

The Captivating Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark

A short distance from Le Morne Brabant lies the Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark, a geological marvel that showcases nature’s artistic palette. The park’s vibrant sands, ranging from red and brown to violet, green, purple, blue, and yellow, create a striking visual display. Photographers can capture the contrasting colors and intricate patterns of the Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth, creating captivating images that highlight the diversity and beauty of Mauritius.

Attraction Highlights
Le Morne Brabant Panoramic views, stunning mountain backdrop
Underwater Waterfall Mesmerizing optical illusion, unique photography opportunity
Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark Naturally colored sand, vibrant landscape

Flic-en-Flac Beach

Located in Mauritius, Flic-en-Flac Beach is a breathtaking destination that offers visitors an idyllic setting for beach photography. With its long stretch of pristine white sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters, this beach is a paradise for photographers seeking stunning coastal landscapes. The picturesque views of the nearby Morne Brabant Peninsula add to the charm and beauty of the surroundings.

At Flic-en-Flac Beach, photographers can capture the essence of Mauritius through various creative angles. Whether it’s capturing the golden hues of sunrise or the vibrant colors of sunset, this beach provides an ideal backdrop for capturing memorable moments. The tranquil ambience and gentle waves make it a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking, offering opportunities to capture action shots and water sports activities.

For those seeking additional photography spots nearby, Tamarin Beach is another remarkable location worth exploring. With its picturesque setting and captivating waves, Tamarin Beach provides a unique perspective for water photography enthusiasts. The clear waters and stunning coastal views make it an ideal spot to capture the beauty of Mauritius.

Flic-en-Flac Beach

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Flic-en-Flac Beach and Tamarin Beach in Mauritius, and let the serene atmosphere inspire your photography. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur photographer, these locations offer an array of possibilities to capture the magic of this tropical paradise.

Grand Gaube Grounds

Grand Gaube Grounds is a picturesque fishing village nestled on the northeast coast of Mauritius. This charming village offers a blend of colonial influences, local folklore, and breathtaking natural beauty that will transport you to the enchanting world of old-world Mauritius.

One of the highlights of Grand Gaube Grounds is its rocky bays, which provide a unique and dramatic backdrop for your photography. The rugged coastline, with its weathered cliffs and crashing waves, creates a scene that is both powerful and serene, evoking a sense of tranquility and awe.

As you explore the village, you’ll discover the remnants of its colonial past, with old Creole houses and narrow streets that exude a nostalgic charm. Take a stroll along the waterfront and capture the essence of local life as fishermen bring in their daily catch or engage in lively banter with each other.

For a truly unforgettable experience, make sure to visit Ile aux Cerfs, a tiny island located just a short boat ride from Grand Gaube Grounds. Ile aux Cerfs is renowned for its untouched beaches, crystal-clear turquoise lagoons, and lush tropical vegetation. It’s a paradise for beach lovers and a haven for photographers seeking to capture the beauty of Mauritius.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility and natural splendor of Grand Gaube Grounds and Ile aux Cerfs, and let your photography skills capture the timeless charm and vibrant spirit of this captivating corner of Mauritius.

Cap Malheureux Church and Beach

Cap Malheureux, a charming village in Mauritius, is home to the iconic Cap Malheureux Church, also known as the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel. This picturesque red-roofed chapel stands against the backdrop of the brilliant blue waters, creating a captivating scene that is a photographer’s dream. The tranquil atmosphere and stunning architecture make it an incredible subject for photography.

Cap Malheureux Church

Located nearby is a pristine beach that offers crystal-clear waters, rock pools, and breathtaking views of Coin de Mire. The contrast between the white sandy beach and the vibrant turquoise sea provides a stunning setting for your photography. Whether you want to capture the reflection of the chapel in the water or the beauty of the beach itself, Cap Malheureux Church and Beach are sure to inspire your creativity.

If you’re looking for additional photography opportunities in the area, head to Château Labourdonnais. This French-style colonial house is surrounded by beautiful orchards and a distillery, creating a rich and colorful backdrop for your pictures. Explore the grounds, capture the details of the architecture, or simply enjoy the serene surroundings as you let your creativity flow. Château Labourdonnais is a unique location that offers a blend of history, nature, and cultural beauty.


The island of Mauritius is a paradise for sunset photography enthusiasts. With its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant colors, it offers some of the most mesmerizing sunsets in the world. Capturing the perfect sunset photo requires a combination of timing, location, and smartphone photography skills.

To make the most of Mauritius sunset photography, it is essential to understand the golden hour. This is the period just before the sun sets, when the lighting conditions are perfect for capturing stunning images. Some of the best sunset spots in Mauritius include Le Morne Brabant, Flic-en-Flac Beach, Tamarin Bay, Ile aux Cerfs, La Prairie Beach, and Beachcomber’s Trou aux Biches.

When capturing sunset photos, it is important to experiment with different smartphone photography techniques. Utilize the HDR mode to capture the full range of colors and details in your images. Explore manual settings to adjust exposure, white balance, and focus for the desired effect. Incorporate silhouettes and leading lines to add depth and interest to your photos. Lastly, ensure stability by using a tripod or holding your device steady.

As you immerse yourself in the beauty of Mauritius sunsets, remember to enjoy the experience. Take a moment to appreciate the vibrant hues, the serene ambiance, and the tranquility of nature. Let the beauty of Mauritius inspire you and ignite your passion for photography.

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