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Places to Visit in Dubai at Night

Imperial views coupled with adventurous experiences, the city of dubai has many offerings for 17.15 million visitors annually. From offering daytime activities to a myriad of places to visit in dubai at night, this city promises variety, luxury and most importantly memories that stay with its visitors for a lifetime!

The magic of experiencing Dubai after dark is an ethereal one that cannot be described in mere words; it must be felt! And here is a list of 5 such sensational places in Dubai that you must visit when the sun goes down.

Burj Khalifa

Location: 1 Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai

Timings: Open 24 hours (check out the official site for more info)

Entry Fees: Starting from AED 179 (INR 4070)

Famous For: Multiple attractions

Burj Khalifa

World renowned Burj Khalifa is not only one of the most popular destinations in Dubai during daytime, but also has a lot to promise for visitors after dark. Get a grand skyline view of the glittering city from its observation decks situated on the 124th and 125th floors respectively while you await your reservation at the Atmosphere restaurant on the 122nd floor. Along with panoramic views of skyscrapers and Arabian Gulf, visitors also get to cherish a world class dining boasting a range of cuisines.

For the fans of light shows, you are in for a treat! The Burj Khalifa Sky Views Dubai proudly displays light shows which you can observe from the Burj Lake. The intermingling of lights as they dance across the building will create a core memory, much like the iconic city of Dubai.

Dubai fountains

Dubai Fountain light show

Location: Fashion Parking – Dubai Mall Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard

Timings: 17:45 to 22:45 hours

Entry Fees: Starting from AED 20 (INR 454)

Famous For: Dancing lights, water art and symphony of music

Captivating visitors from all around the world, the Dubai fountains are a true marvel! Its light and music show is meant to be witnessed once the sun goes down. To catch the best view, you can also take the lake ride with separate tickets on a traditional Abra boat ride which is one of the romantic places to visit in Dubai.

Arabian desert

Location: Red Dunes of Al Hibaba and other sites

Timings: Multiple timings

Entry Fee: Depends on package

Famous For: Desert safari camps

Things to do at Arabian Desert: Desert safari and experiences

A Dubai trip is incomplete without the experience of night desert safaris. Barbeque dinners, sand skiing, Tanoura dance, camel riding, belly dance performance, dune bashing, stargazing and fire dancing are some of the popular things to do during desert safaris. Immerse yourself in the bedouin culture and customs of locals with popular camp services where you can relish the enigma of Dubai’s desert lands and its uniquely beautiful landscapes.

Spice markets

Location: Multiple locations, mainly around Gold Souk

Timings: Multiple timings

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Famous For: Shopping

One cannot visit Dubai and not shop! Dubai, like many middle eastern nations, has a rich culture that is often traditional and exquisite. Visiting a spice market guarantees you access to a wide variety of spices that make for great gift tokens and can also be helpful in recreating some of the most iconic dishes you will ever taste there. Apart from spices, these markets boast a wide variety of handicrafts, apparel and even gold souks. Known for the quality and craftsmanship, Dubai gold souks showcase a wide variety of designs that will captivate your heart! And what better way to spend the day than some night time shopping experience where the market comes alive and radiates pure energy!

Chillout Ice Lounge

Location: Ground Floor, Times Square Center, Sheikh Zayed Road، Al Quoz

Timings: 10:00 to 22:00 hours

Entry Fee: Starting at AED 100

Famous For: Finger food

What a cool way to relax in Dubai. Beat the heat and cool yourself off at the end of the day by visiting this unique lounge eatery. Living up to its name, the temperature of this cafe is maintained at a stable -6°C. This unique cafe and eatery is the perfect hangout space for tired tourists who wish to experience an off beat hangout vibe!

Some notable mentions

Al Sadeem Observatory – Perfect for stargazing, this observatory offers visitors with beautiful views of the starry skies.

Billionaire Mansion – A very popular and luxurious nightclub, perfect for party goers.

Motiongate Dubai – A fun filled amusement park with state of the art rides and multiple resorts make it an attraction for many!

With gorgeous destinations and thrilling attractions, there are multiple places to visit in dubai at night, making the city an absolute must-see destination for travelers everywhere.


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