Dubai Cuisine Decoded: Discover 5 Authentic Emirati Flavors

Dubai Cuisine

Being the home to over 14 Michelin star restaurants and establishments, Dubai is the culinary hub and epicenter of good food! With a footfall of 17.15 million visitors, it is safe to say that you can find almost all types of cuisine while traveling in Dubai. Dubai cuisine boasts everything from regional arabic delicacies to fusion flavors with many celebrity owned restaurants and lounges, fitting every budget expectation! What is even more impressive is the culinary experience comes with extravagant presentations and plating techniques that are truly world class and is guaranteed to elevate your dining experience in Dubai!

However, with thousands of dining options in Dubai, you must be wondering which of the best restaurants to visit. Which is why we have composed a list of top Dubai culinary gems & there are so many rooftop bars in dubai and creations that are recommended by experts and foodies from all over the world!

Best eateries to visit in Dubai for Dubai Cuisine

Apart from having a wide range of delicacies, Dubai also boasts a range of dining options. From street food vendors to fine dining options, guests will find an array of suggestions, perfectly suited for their budget and preferences.

Avatara: A Vegetarian Haven

A vegetarian’s ultimate destination. Enjoy the simplicity of dining in Dubai at Avatara with their extensive menu of locally sourced ingredients, seasonal items and innovative cooking styles and presentations. Find a rich and diverse pack of Indian flavors that makes you nostalgic for home!

Hutong: The Flavors of China

An award winning restaurant with warm ambience, stunning views and world class service, this place is known for authentic Chinese food such as peking duck. Pair your meal with some fusion or regular cocktails to elevate the flavors of Sichuan cuisine.

Couqley: French Delicacies in Dubai

Displaying a cozy environment, this french bistro is perfect for date nights and fun with the girls. Step into this gorgeously decorated restaurant for delicious authentic french cuisine that leaves impactful memories. Known for its world class food and service, this is the top eatery in Dubai.

Asia Asia: Pan Asian Gourmet Sensation

Asia Asia Pan Asian Restaurant

A multi award winning pan asian restaurant, Asia Asia is one of the best restaurants in Dubai. Inspired by the ancient spice route, this lounge and bar has multiple locations including Palm Jumeirah and overlooking the Dubai Marina.

Operation Falafel: Authentic Arabic Street Food

With a fusion modern take on Arabic street food and located in Jumeirah Beach Residence, this is a budget friendly option for those who wish to try out some renowned Dubai cuisine quickly. Open and accessible 24 hours, this popular food joint offers a spectacular menu that does not break the bank!

Dubai Cuisine

Best Dubai foods to eat

There are many famous eateries that are frequented by travelers from all around the world for the power packed flavors of Emirati food. Best known for being a harmonized concoction of Lebanese, Iranian and Indian flavors, Emirati cuisine shares similarities with its neighboring countries. Thus, apart from food popular in the UAE, visitors will also get access to a variety of middle eastern cuisine.


You cannot get more traditional with your food choice than a bowl of Harees. Served during holy gatherings and celebrations like Ramdan month and weddings, this is essentially a porridge like dish slow cooked to perfection. Made of meat of choice, wheat, water, spices and seasoning, this is a must try Dubai dish for all!


Made of meat, rice, aromatic spices and seasoning, Machboos is a dish to be revered! The tang of Loomy, a dried lemon seasoning, added to this flavourful rice dish elevates the flavors to a different level. Though the ingredient list is simple, this dish becomes a flavor bomb thanks to its technique. Much like a pulao, the meat is cooked first until it becomes tender and remains juicy, when it is removed from the pot, rice and other ingredients are added and further cooked to perfection. The meat is then reintroduced to the pot to give all the ingredients time to familiarize and create gastronomic sensations!

Fattoush or Tabbouleh

Middle eastern cuisines, especially Emirati food not only offers a wide variety of non vegetarian options but also brings forward a diverse list of vegetarian delicacies! Apart from the good old falafels, Fattoush or Tabbouleh are signature vegetarian dishes, perfect to beat the heat and a recommended lunch option!

These middle eastern salads replicate the delicate flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, making them popular choices for healthy eating. Chunks of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, all mixed together with a dressing of lemon, olive oil and mint leaves garnish, served with popular Levantine bread on the side is a refreshing combination, perfect for combating those hot summer afternoons.

Iranian Sangak

Dubai cuisine is incomplete without Iranian Sangak – this flatbread is made of whole wheat, sprinkled with sesame seeds and baked to perfection. Baked on top of hot stones, these flatbreads impart a distinct flavor and can be consumed fresh out of the oven, plain or dipped in baba ganoush or even hummus.

Chelo Kebab


A saffron flavored rice dish served with soft and juicy mutton koobideh kebabs, roasted tomatoes, veggies and chunks of butter on top – this platter is a delicious treat for foodies. The subtle symphony of flavors that are brought by sour zereshk berries and dill, this Emirati dish is a must try for all those who like rice!

It is without a doubt that Dubai Cuisine is versatile and delicious, giving a gastronomic experience unlike any!


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