Best 5 Water Sports in Dubai for Thrilling Experience

water sports in dubai

Dubai, a picturesque destination with vast Arabian desert, thrilling nightlife, diverse cuisine and of course mighty skyscrapers for its tourists has many other things to offer. Water sports in Dubai being a prime example. Perfect for curious beginners or expert adventure seekers, Dubai has many things to offer to its visitors. Offering a multitude of exciting water activities, Dubai is an absolute promise land for someone who is seeking the thrill of adventure with a slice of safety. Apart from having multiple providers who offer diverse water activities in Dubai, guests can also choose to pre book their activities via travel planning apps to skip the queue.

Water sports in Dubai has to offer

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Being the perfect destination for solo, group and family trips, Dubai has many offerings to each of its visitors. Prepare to get your mind blown by the sheer availability and assortment of Dubai’s water sports scene, which is vibrant to say the least. From parasailing to swimming With dolphins, visitors can do it all. Dubai water sport activities also have high regards for your safety, making them the ideal activity for anyone, especially for those who are first timers. Also visit Dubai in April, which is kind of perfect time to enjoy these water activities.


Where to do: Multiple providers available

Average cost: Prices starting from AED 400

Additional information: Parasailing is cognizant of weather conditions. Kindly check ahead of time

The most calming water activity Dubai has to offer, parasailing is the must try experience for those who like the finer things in life. Tethered to a speed boat, the parasail is a special kind of parachute that is tied to the adventure seeker via a sturdy harness. As the boat takes off, the parachute rises up, giving you a clear and panoramic view of the gorgeous city of Dubai. Get a bird’s eye view as you paraglide high above and get to experience what flying feels like!

Jet Skiing

water sports tours dubai

Where to do: Multiple providers available

Average cost: Rental prices starting from AED 300

Additional information: Wear proper gear and adhere to all information

Perhaps the most popular water sport of all time, jet skiing is a popular choice amongst travelers and tourists everywhere, especially so in Dubai. With deep blue waters and a clear blue sky, jet skiing in Dubai will give you the feel of being a super star! High speed and safety guides in place, this water activity is a highly recommended one. Take the jet ski for a spin with the professionals near Burj Al Arab for sensational views and picture perfect memories!


Where to do: Multiple providers available

Average cost: Prices starting from AED 340

Additional information: Adhere to safety instructions and make sure you are under expert supervision

A unique experience, flyboarding is available at a handful of few places across the globe. Dubai not only offers it but also excels in this water sport department with its high standards regarding safety.

Feel like you are at the top of the world with this thrilling adventure where you board a powerful jet with high capacity motors, propelling water with such tremendous thrust that it rises you high up! Get a sensational view of the waters underneath and the clear skies above as you control and navigate. An adventure packed water sport, flyboarding gives adrenaline bursts that makes you feel alive, while giving you access to the most wonderful views of stunning Dubai backdrop!

Scuba diving

Where to do: Multiple providers available

Average cost: Prices starting from AED 968

Additional information: Look for certified agencies like Atlantis The Palm

The ultimate adventure for adrenaline junkies, Dubai offers a collection of scuba diving experiences. Available at different price points, this water sports in Dubai is one of the premium experiences. The most notable experience being offered to guests at the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo where you get up close with over 65,000 aquatic animals including manta rays, fishes, sharks, etc,.

Along with the safety of diving with a certified instructor, the aquarium also gives you access to achieving PADI’s Discover Scuba Diver program. Experience what it is like to breathe underwater with multiple batches that are open for all, and price starting at AED 1,210.

Guests who seek more thrill, can also explore shark dives, snorkeling in a cage, shark walking in cage and specialty dives that allow you to feed the graceful and majestic sharks.

Swimming with Dolphins

Where to do: Dubai Dolphinarium

Average cost: Prices starting from AED 98 for adults

Additional information: Catch dolphin and seal shows

Swim side by side with bottlenosed dolphins and sea lions! Located at the Creek Park Gate 1, Umm Hurair Road in Dubai, this is an adventure of a lifetime. Get the chance to swim, interact and bond with these gentle aquatic creatures, all the while experts guide you, ensuring safety for both adults and children alike. A once in a lifetime adventure where visitors get to be up close and capture such a precious moment forever.

Water SPorts in Dubai

Apart from offering swimming with dolphins, the Dubai Dolphinarium also offers a meet and greet session where you learn about these lovely creatures in detail, share tender moments of affection such as a hug and dolphins kisses as well as get to witness groundbreaking sea lines and bottlenose dolphins performances. Being able to interact with these intelligent animals makes this an iconic water sports unlike anything and a top thing to do in Dubai!
Experience the magic of water sports in Dubai with the world class Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, nestled in the lap of Palm Jumeirah, which offers activities, suitable for every age. From breathtaking views to memorable water sports, Dubai is truly a saga for tourists globally.

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