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dubai in june

A middle eastern Emirati country, Dubai is undoubtedly hot year-round. Especially so in the summer months. Naturally, when it comes to planning a trip to this glistening city, tourists are hesitant to go in the summer months. But what can we tell you? Is Dubai in June more or less the same as visiting the country any other month of the year? And to add to the list of benefits, visiting the city in the summer months is a better idea for travellers. Being the king of the Emirates, Dubai sees a massive footfall year round. However, as a tourist travelling to the city in June, you will get to experience Dubai through a different lens – one where there are no armies of tourists. Experience the city all by yourself with perhaps the cheapest flights and hotel deals and a slightly warmer climate in the month of June.

The Weather in Dubai

Dubai in the month of June is not very different from the other months. The weather is not constantly hot, providing the same type of relief that you might get to experience any other tme of the year! The weather in the Middle East is known for its hot and dry afternoons, followed by cool, breezy evenings. With an average temperature of 32°C, Dubai in the month of June provides travellers with the perfect circumstances to enjoy some of the most sensational water sports and activities.

Why Visit Dubai in Summer?

Dubai is a massive city with plenty to offer. From outdoor activities to indoor pans, you can explore Dubai in your personal comfort. Being the epicentre of architectural marvels, you can engage in many indoor expeditions in Dubai as well as some cool outdoor activities. Being home to some of the best man-made architecture in the world, the city gives its guests a chance to stay off the afternoon sun in some of the most luxurious ambient settings. The lack of crowd gives travellers massive deals on travel and stay. You also get to enjoy a more secluded trip alongside friends and family with the less touristy destinations and beaches.

Adding on top of massive deals and seclusion, tourists can also enjoy the holy celebrations of Ramadan. Get access to some of the finest food and celebrations as you get a chance to enjoy Emirates in June.

Dubai in June – Things to do

Planning a trip to Dubai can be hard. Especially when you are planning a relaxing trip for your family during the summer months. This is why we have dug deeper and come up with some ideas on things to do on your behalf!

Ski Dubai Snow Park

Location: Mall of the Emirates

Entry Fee: Starting at INR 4,600/- per person

There is no better way to start your trip to Dubai in the month of June. Head over to the first-ever indoor ski resort and snow park of Middle East – Ski Dubai Snow Park. From playing in the snow to enjoying gondola rides, this theme park and resort offers many different rides and activities. Tourists can also interact with penguins for a fun-filled experience!

Dive Atlantis

Location: The Gulf

Average Cost: Starting at INR 3,500/- per person

Famous for its rich marine life, Dive Atlantis is part of the luxury hotel Atlantis The Palm. Choose from a variety of different diving courses and get a chance to interact with over 65,000 marine animals. Tourists can also opt to get guidance from experienced guides, making this a perfect spot for amateur divers.

Iftar Feast

A celebratory part of the Ramadan festivities, Iftar is all about the feasts. Celebrate alongside locals with delicious Emirati cuisine such as low-cooked lamb, pilav rice, and sweets made out of dates. Many hotels and restaurants roll out traditional Arabian buffets that tourists can enjoy to immerse themselves in an extravagant celebration.

Burj Khalifa

The iconic Burj Khalifa has a lot to offer. Housed in many of the popular destinations, the Burj Khalifa is a must-visit destination at night. Get a glimpse of the dazzling city as you take a trip to this towering beauty. The Burj Khalifa has some of the best restaurants open all year round. Embark on a multi-cuisine expedition with your family or click on the most fascinating photographs of Dubai’s skyline – there is a lot that you can do even during the summer months!

Dubai Mall

Location: Burj Khalifa

Timings: 10 A.M. – 11 P.M. on Sundays and Wednesdays

This popular mall houses a wondrous 48-meter Aquarium Tunnel, a Rocky Shore, and many aquatic animals, such as sharks, stingrays, penguins, etc. Apart from the wide collection of over 140 species of sea creatures, this aquarium and underwater zoo also gives tourists the option to be up close and personal with private guided sessions.

The Dubai Mall also displays stunning dancing water shows near its entrance. Get to experience a world-class, free-of-cost performance at the largest choreographed fountain system.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Location: Atlantis The Palm

Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM

If there is one thing that screams summer, it is a water park. And Aquaventure Waterpark, a part of Palm Atlantis Hotel, happens to be the perfect choice for Dubai visitors.

This waterpark is popular for offering wholesome water rides. Visitors can also book shows of sharks and rays and books to relax on the private beach.

Night Markets

During the holy month of Ramadan, Dubai comes alive post-sunset. Night markets are very popular during this holy time, coming alive with food, decor, garments and more. Though multiple night markets are spread throughout the city, we suggest heading to the Ramadan Night Market at Zabeel Hall World Trade Centre.

The Walk JBR

Location: The Walk at JBR, Murjan, and Sadaf

Timings during Ramadan: 7 P.M. – 2 A.M.

Experience the glamour of Ramadan by visiting the lavish JBR The Walk. Known for its collection of art, food, and shopping centres, this interactive location is the epitome of Arabian culture. You can experience everything from delicious meals to exhibitions that are inspired by the Arabian way of life.

Dubai in June can be an interesting holiday destination for those seeking solace and comfort over hustle and bustle. Though the season can get hot during the day, the comfort of night and a multitude of activities is irresistible!

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